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Not Actually A True Believer…With Only a Partial Issue

Bad enough the pricing of Marvel‘s books–paperbacks, hardbacks, single issues generally.

But now that even extends to “promotionally-priced” reprints.

xmenalpha001  truebelievers_ageofapocalypse001

Gearing up for the big Secret Wars 2015 thing, Marvel is publishing a bunch of $1 promo-reprint-issues of some of the events/worlds that will play a major role. Of course, these are just sample chapters, basically–intended to hook you, and direct you into the far more expensive full collected volume/graphic novel.

But…they aren’t even all full first/intro chapters.

I was highly enthused at the notion of the X-Men: Alpha reprint. Yeah, nice big issue for “only” $1…X-Men: Alpha was THE issue that truly kicked off the original Age of Apocalypse–introducing the reality, introducing all the major players that would then have their own stories unfold across eight 4-issue minis before the entire thing wrapped up in the companion X-Men: Omega issue.

But turns out, the True Believers: X-Men Age of Apocalypse issue reprints material from the original X-Men: Alpha but is not actually a reprint OF X-Men: Alpha.

This True Believers edition reprints 27 pages…out of 48. Granted, that’s more than HALF the issue…but it just seems to me like a copout, takes the “fun” out of the reprint, etc. Heck, for the pricing, I’d take two issues at least–do each at 24 pages to reprint the entirety…and heck, the wraparound cover could be split with half the image on part 1 and half on part 2.

Of course, I’m absolutely NOT the target audience here–I have multiple copies of the original edition, at least two handy as of this typing. And also as of this typing, I’m nearing the tail-end of my Age of Apocalypse Revisited project, re-reading the entirety of the original saga.

We get what we pay for, though…

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