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Ninjak #1: Then and Now

It was a little over 21 years ago as I write this that yet "another" chromium-covered #1 issue of a series debuted: Ninjak #1. The November 1993 issue sported a chromium wrap-around cover in the vein of X-O Manowar #0 (which I already had), and was supposed to be this great new series…but at least in my experience, it was nothing special or valuable or such.


I actually can’t even remember for sure if I had my own copy, or if I’m only remembering a friend getting it, though I remember him not being particularly enthused by the issue. I now own several copies, scattered throughout my collection–obtained from bargain bins over the years. But while I clearly remember getting and reading X-O Manowar #0, Ninjak #1 sparks no such memory.

I missed the premiere of a number of the "original Valiant" books, "joining in" well after the original Unity (I believe X-O Manowar #0 and Deathmate in summer 1993 were my introduction to Valiant as a publisher) and never got beyond the first issue of Bloodshot (which was purchased because someone recommended it as a "hot" thing akin to the Superman #75 I was in line with my friend and mom for). At the time I simply didn’t particularly care about Valiant‘s output beyond what I was reading about in Wizard magazine or picking up in "buzz" at the comic shops. The issues were expensive–$2.50 or so in a world of $1.50 comics; and I was into the Ultraverse stuff that I DID get to be there from the start.

But despite all that and plenty of other thoughts looking back…I remember that darned COVER. It is–for me–a rather "iconic" cover…in terms of Valiant, in terms of "the ’90s" and in terms of my childhood and early days in comics, becoming aware of stuff beyond Marvel and DC.

And now we have a NEW Ninjak #1 and series with no such gimmick to the "main" cover of the first issue…this one I read immediately, and reviewed earlier in this blog.

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