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In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night…

I’ve long been a Green Lantern fan. And to me, it’s seemed that one of the most common cheapo plastic "promotional artifacts" in comics has been the Green Lantern ring. It’s simple, small, and pretty cool.

Thanks to a good friend with experience, skills, and resources to do so…I have something even better than the older tiny rings, or even the more recent rings given out during Blackest Night and such.

I have this:


It’s a customized fit, entirely metal ring, with the GL lantern symbol…but unlike a previous version I had, the symbol doesn’t stick out much, so this does not get caught on stuff in the course of my day. It’s not some gaudy bauble, doesn’t stand out garishly, yet gets attention when noticed.

And while the thing looks as it does in general, even more awesome is what it does after it’s been held to a light or taken in some serious sunlight and has had a chance to "charge."


This thing glows. Put it in a bit of shade and it glows, and the darker the space, the more it seems to light up. It may not cast any beams of light or anything, and I’m probably not gonna navigate any dark rooms with it…but as a fan of Green Lantern and being a comics person and all that?

There’s little more cool than catching this glowing green out of the corner of the eye and realizing "hey…my ring is glowing!"

Even more cool…this is not something that can just be bought at some store. To my knowledge, this ring I have…this thing’s unique. Or at least, suitably rare. So in its own way…it’s that much more authentic.

And ultimately…this simply fits me.

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