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Random/Arbitrary Super-Vinyl

Browsing a local Barnes & Noble recently, I found myself perusing a clearance table…and noticed a couple of baskets of smaller items under the table. Amongst those, I found this:


Now, I sure as heck wouldn’t have paid full price for this thing…but at half-off, it was the price of a comic book, and it’s Superman! so it had my attention.

My first thought was size, and how tiny this is (depending on the size of your screen, the photo is probably actually larger-than-life). But then, I have a small display cabinet with a shelf of mini-characters like this, and figured this’d make a nice addition to it.

So I bought it, and opened it, and I’m not too impressed–I’d thought the whole thing–feet, arms, torso, head, and cape–were all magnets to be swappable, but it seems this is only a 3-piece unit: feet, torso with arms and cape, and head.

Still, I can’t be all that disappointed…it’s not like I have others in this line or planned to get any more, or to do any of the part-swapping.

My $4ish was a bit more than I’d say this is worth…but if you like any of the characters you find in the line, they’re cutesy and solid enough, whatever you might pay is on you.

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