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Remember Early-’90s Speculation on Image Comics?

Remember when Image was so brand-new it was a company having its comics published by another (Malibu)?

Remember when those #1s were supposed to be so “hot” and “valuable” in the future?

Remember how $1.95 was quite a hefty price next to DC and Marvel‘s $1.25(-ish) cover prices of the time?

Remember that supposed notion that a comic’s “value” could only go up?


These 16 copies of WildC.A.T.s: Covert Action Teams cost me a whopping $4. Basically the cover price of two copies of the issue…at its original, August 1992 cover price. With the bound-in card thingie still intact/present.

Maybe these aren’t “mint” and wouldn’t get anything close to a “9.8” if I “slabbed” them (shelling out far more than any copy is “worth” for the price of getting ANY “graded”)…but for a guy who collects for completion and story…the chance to read the entire story (or as MUCH of it as I’m able to get access to)…25 cents is not at all a bad price for this #1 issue.

It’s actually the later issues that would be more of a problem to find. “Everyone” has #1. How many people followed the series itself? How many followed for more than just the first year? Or after the cartoon didn’t last? Or…whatever else. How many saw the bright flash in the pan mature into something with any staying power?

I’d have to research how long the series actually lasted. The indicia for this issue says “(of 3)” and though I know there were relaunches and spin-offs and whatnot, I don’t actually know what the highest number anything WildC.A.T.s made it to.

All I know is that I’m pretty sure I saw something for an upcoming issue of Savage Dragon into the 200-teens, and the latest issue of Spawn as #255 or 265 or something past the halfway point from 200 to the (I’d be surprised if it’s not) inevitable #300.

And yet, I find copies of Savage Dragon #1 (the original 3-issue mini and the ongoing) in bargain bins relatively frequently…and have even found a couple copies of Spawn #1 in bargain bins.

But the popular culture would suggest it’s the #1 issues that are the collectibles. One is better off figuring out a later issue that no one hung around long enough for, an issue once the publisher was no longer printing hundreds of thousands or millions of copies of them with the hype-blurbs and self-labeled “collectibles.”

I’m not here to go deep on that topic right now. I bought these for the “fun” of being able to–in-person, myself, right here tonight–see a bunch of copies in one space like this. The novelty–I have never bought so many copies of any single issue in one go before, and thought I’d get it outta my system. I don’t even think–as many dupes as I get of X-O Manowar #0 or X-Men #41–I’ve accumulated this many copies of any other issue in all the years I’ve been buying comics.

Such is the fun and whimsy available to enjoying comics that can be found in bargain bins…

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  1. […] or March 2015) I’d noticed a bunch of copies of WildC.A.T.S #1, and got at least one or two. Then last August I bought $4 worth of the issues–16 copies–on a random whim/self-amuseme…. Given the quantity of copies still remaining…I figured for just half the cost of a contemporary […]

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