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Life, Changes, and the Unknown Future


Things change.  Sometimes the air itself is heavier, the weight of our sorrows collecting until the sky can hold no more and lets them fall as tears of rain…to return tot he world as flowers.  Everything changes, sometimes in seasons…more often in sudden squalls.

~ Sephie [narration] (Barbara Kesel, Meridian # 43)


I try not to put much personal stuff into this blog. But occasionally, "real life" events are so tied to me as a person, to what makes me me, as to affect all aspects of my life.

Mid-day Wednesday, I was informed by my employer that my position was among several that were being eliminated–effective immediately.

To say that it’s shaken my world would be an understatement.

And how it’ll affect this blog remains to be seen. As of this typing, it could mean an indefinite hiatus, effective immediately. It could be that this blog and writing will be part of the coping mechanism as I move forward. I don’t know.

But whatever happens…I thank God that while I absolutely did not see this coming, He obviously did, and necessary elements of my personal life had already just been realigned to best weather this.

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