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The Weekly Haul: Weeks of February 8th & 15th, 2017

This week was not a tiny week, nor a huge week…but did have one issue in particular I’ve been looking forward to for awhile, another I was curious about and bought grudgingly despite variant covers. Plus some extras, and an Image vol. 1.


I’ve been anticipating Super Sons for several months now, and though somewhat initially disappointed at it not being out last fall, was glad for time to be given to letting the characters/situation develop a bit more before rushing the title out. And I’m curious about The Wildstorm, but nearly passed on the first issue entirely due to no less than three apparently "equal ratio" variant covers, none of which seemed necessarily "iconic" or recognizeable. Then there’s the regular Superman issue; the fun Batman/TMNT Adventures, giving the second issue of God Country a chance, and not about to pass up a 25-cent issue (Invincible).


On Tuesday, taking Carol & John’s up on their Feb. 14th promotion, I stopped in, and wound up purchasing the most recent Hellblazer volume. For my "prize," I got to choose five Marvel single issues. Figured I’d give the first couple a shot; the Star Wars Annual seemed an especially good "value" for being "free," and though I"d let the series go, I’m not opposed to "completing" a run of the short-lived X-Men ’92 series (now only missing 4 issues or so).


And though I’d somewhat intended to buy the first paperback of the current Action Comics run, Superman: Path of Doom…flipping through the volume, I just couldn’t bring myself to buy it. $17 for 6 issues I already have, the first issue in print and digital, and handy. Plus, no bonus content, no "introduction" or "afterward" or such…just another 6-issue "graphic novel."

So I opted to snag Seven to Eternity vol. 1…same or larger thickness, and $7 cheaper.

Since I didn’t get around to posting it last week with rushing my All New Fathom #1 review, and the original got bumped for timing this week, below is my Weekly Haul post of stuff from from last week.

Week of February 8th, 2017

Last week was a small week for new comics for me. Though there were a couple of collected volumes I’d ordered online, as well as some miniatures.


The newest Superman issue–Action Comics #973–is out, beginning a story that will possibly "explain" the human Clark Kent that’s been running around for awhile in the titles. And the first issue of the new Fathom series by Blake Northcott finally arrived. Finally, where some of Marvel‘s True Believers $1 reprints give us but half an issue’s contents…this Wolverine: Save the Tiger reprints three issues’ contents: the Wolverine segment from the first three issues of Marvel Comics Presents from the late-’80s/early-’90s.


Thanks to a friend, I had interest in Mouse Guard rekindled, and ordered the second hardcover…having bought/read the first a number of years ago.

And I finally "pulled the trigger" on the Aliens 30th Anniversary hardcover…a deluxe oversized representation of the 1986 Aliens series from Dark Horse (with another volume for the second series due this coming April or so). This volume matches the Fire and Stone omnibus/library volume, and presumably will match the (assumably forthcoming) Life and Death collection.

The timing is interesting as I have been re-reading the novelization of this particular Aliens story…one of the "key" books for me as a kid, and the one that really pulled me into the properly prior to even knowing the books were novelizations of comics!

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