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TMNT Toys in the Wild – Slash, Spider-Bytez, Rahzar, Mutagen Man

More TMNT toys “in the wild” that I’ve come across but not (yet) bought…Figure and profile from the card backs.



slash_profileI specifically did not buy this one because of the damaged package. I’m not one to worry too much about the package on an older toy, especially when/if priced well compared to a “new” toy. And I certainly don’t buy into the need to have pristine packaging when what matters is the toy INSIDE. However, for something NEW, something I”m paying full retail price for…I certainly want to be satisfied with what I am spending my money on. And I don’t like paying for damaged product, when I know I *should* be able to find the figure later withOUT a damaged package.



spider_bytez_profileThis is one of those characters I don’t know much about or char about, and seems like just one of those crazy characters made up for the sake of a figure, except I do know he already had appeared on the show. Still, for sheer bulk, I’ve been half tempted to buy this one….and might yet, if the whim strikes.



rahzar_profileAfter keeping an eye out for a lotta months, I finally came across this figure itself…almost like it had been delayed or such, after seeing all the other figures numerous times that were supposed to be out at the same time. Now I’ve come across this one several times in the span of a few days…so I’m in no rush to buy it…haven’t decided if I actually want to or not, so no sense rushing a purchase. Especially if I am actually going to (finally) keep coming across the figure.



mutagen_man_profileI remember having the original Mutagen Man figure from the ’80s toy line. It was such a random sort of character, and with the condition of that show’s universe being that the merest contact with ooze would un-mutate the turtles, it seemed like a villain that wouldn’t make much sense–they couldn’t deal with him, period. This version seems just as hokey, but at least the figure seems based on the character rather than the other way around. Still, this is another figure that perhaps for sheer bulk might be something I pick up eventually.

TMNT Toys in the Wild – LARP Turtles and Dojo Splinter

I recently started coming across the LARP turtles, and noticed “Dojo Splinter” as a similar variant as the second Shredder without the mask.

Here are photos of the characters as well as their profile from the back of the card…

















TMNT Toys in the Wild – Kirby Bat and Casey Jones

While at Target this week, came across a couple more of the new TMNT toys, though I opted to pass on purchasing them for the moment.


The Kirby Bat is much uglier than I’d thought it’d be, and the profile on the back reveals that it’s actually April’s father…a twist I didn’t see coming and really do not care for. Chance are, as such, this will be another figure I do not end up purchasing at all.



Casey Jones has a bit of a different look than I’d expected from the tiny image I’d seen previously…and I very nearly bought the figure on the spot. Ultimately I left it behind, though–I have yet to see any of the 2nd season episodes, and after my hunts last year for “elusive” figures like Leatherhead and the Mousers and Turtles in Training and their abundance now…no need to rush; these’ll be around awhile yet.


I do have to reiterate that it’s great seeing such an assortment on the back of the cards…it really pulls the line together and emphasizes that it IS a line, and not just a bunch of arbitrary figures.



Offhand, this leaves the Mutagen Man as one I want to see…and whatever that Rhazar is…figure that out, and I think I’m pretty much all set for a few months!

Classic Collection Leonardo – Out of His Shell

While it seems lately I have waaaaay too many figures that have remained in their packaging (I need to work on a shelving system to display ’em), the Classic Collection Leonardo is one that I almost immediately opened up (He’s currently on display at work above my cube).


One of the first things I noticed–and the MAJOR disappointment–is the shoulder joints on mine are STUCK, and do NOT move up and down–though they look like they’re supposed to. So the arms are stuck being held outward at a rather awkward pose, rather than being able to have them down closer to the character’s sides. I felt like I was going to break the arms off trying to get either joint to move, before giving up and settling (for now).


I do like the stand the figure comes with, as well as the hands’ ability to actually grip the swords. Not the best grip ever, but satisfactory, especially in the face of the shoulder-joints’ issue.


I like the coloring and shaping of the figure overall. While not a huge fan of the mask’s rigidity on some of the figures, the shaping on this figure is much more to my liking. This image also shows that shoulder-joint: it’ll swivel, but won’t actually move up/down.


I like the detail on the scabbards, though I don’t remember the character ever having the blue strap in the cartoon. It works well enough with the general color scheme here, though, emphasizing that this is indeed Leonardo. The scabbards are one piece, but “plug in” to the shell, and the piece is easily removed, though thankfully doesn’t seem QUITE “fall-out” easy to remove.

The shoulder issue really limits the playability and posability of the figure; I very quickly lost interest in playing with posing due to that, as the character is quite limited with arms stuck straight out perpendicular! I intend to “research” the issue before I’ll buy any more of these–if it’s a common issue, I probably will hold off. If it’s just a glitch on the figure I got, I might try to work it loose and see what I can do with it from there.


While–again–I’m not a fan of variants on the figure within the same “line,” here are the “main” Leonardo figures from four different lines.

TMNT Toys 2013: Leatherhead and Ninjas in Training (Leo & Don)

I finally managed to find Leatherhead the other day. I think I might’ve been happier if I’d found him weeks ago, before learning of the existence of several other figures I actually do want, though.

Still, he’s a rather ugly (yet cool) figure…and makes me wish I had the original so I’d have all 3 versions.


The card back is much like other recent ones…nothing ‘new’ to this that I haven’t already shown on other posts, except of course the profile:


I also came acrros the Ninjas in Trainin: Leonardo & Donatello, but due to budget didn’t feel comfortable picking them up at the time. I did, however, take a couple photos…if only as “proof” to myself that I’d actually found the things once, should they prove to be a massive pain in the butt to find later (much as Leatherhead did).


Also, I wasn’t entirely enamored with the figures…they’re “cute,” but not nearly as much as the 2003 line’s version of the young TMNT (and that line crammed all 4 into one package!).

I don’t like the idea of splurging only to have 2 of the 4 turtles, so IDEALLY I’d like to find both 2-packs at the same time or have time/money to hunt several stores to find ’em in the same day.


TMNT (2013) Toys – M.O.U.S.E.R.s and Rat King

Whenever I’m in a Target or Walmart, I almost always “have to” check out the toys section. Over recent months, I’ve dwindled to a cursory glance at the Marvel/DC figures, and these last several weeks my increase has greatly increased with the TMNT toys.

Tonight I decided to take a peek in case the Target I was in had Leatherhead…but while they did NOT, I found what–for me–is possibly one of THE most awesome of all the new TMNT toys: a pack of MOUSERS!


While I vaguely recall the 2003 TMNT line packing a couple Mousers with the April O’Neil figure, the only way I would have to get more than 2 was to buy multiples of April–not a truly viable option for so small a figurine! I think several may have come with some sort of playset…but again, far too expensive for so small a return on what I actually wanted.

This pack comes with SEVEN of the little robots…and I will happily purchase a couple more to have a small army of the things!

I also came across a Rat King figure…and actually put it in my cart where it traveled part of the store with me. Though I’ll PROBABLY come to regret it, I opted NOT to purchase it tonight: too many other recent expenditures and upcoming; so I’ll have to hope that he proves fairly common in the coming months.

Despite that, I made a point of photographing the carded figure:



The Mousers, of course, were just way too cool to NOT buy. I don’t much care for the look of this new Rat King (another factor in putting it back)…but I’ve wanted numerous little Mousers since my earliest days collecting TMNT toys!



While I’d love to see more inclusive galleries of the figures on the back of the cards, I am quite glad they’ve kept the profiles!

The Mousers:


…and the Rat King:


I’m also rather encouraged (so to speak) that these galleries do NOT include the turtle variants (ooze-flinging or stealth). Those don’t really–to me–“fit” with the general line, whereas these others do. Even the Ninjas-in-Training fit as they’re not just “costumed” variants.


And though I’m not a fan of the random mutations, it’s still cool to see the expanding line of villain characters. To me, that often seems to be the downfall of a single “line” of figures…endless versions of the main hero(es) but virtually no villains to offset. And in the Kraang and the Foot Soldiers, we have two generics that truly warrant several duplicate purchases. (I believe I have 3 Kraang and 5 Foot Soldiers at the moment).


I like the bulk of Dogpound, but am not at all a fan of Fishface…and the more I think of it, the more I think I’d prefer a new take on Bebop and Rocksteady to these two.

Still…with only recently discovering the new figures in Baxter Stockman and Snakeweed, it’s very cool to see all these others making it to the local stores’ pegs, not having TOO hard a time finding SOME new figures.

…even if that darned Leatherhead STILL eludes me!

TMNT Toys Through Time

I recently discovered a new version of the Halftone app, Halftone2, which basically combines the original Halftone app with a frames app I had been using.

Rather than show off the various turtles in a bunch of individual photos, I had some fun messing around with the new app, with the results you see below.

The three different sets of turtles:


And then the individual turtles:





And then all the figures together by turtle:


Now, if only I had recognized the value in the figures a few years ago based on the original Mirage comics designs, I’d be alllll set!

Election Night 2012

I Ohio VotingFinally: Election Night 2012. I’m not at all in any real comic book mood tonight, nor do I have any other posts prepared. Suffice to say, I have a LOT more interest in this US Election and its outcome right now. I also look forward to no longer being bombarded with political ads, especially on Facebook.

Vote Lex 2000But, I felt I should post SOMETHING today. And what better than a story that blew me away nearly 12 years ago?

Without delving into my longboxes or doing any significant research: I recall in the Superman comics in the Summer/Fall of 2000 Lex Luthor was in full campaign mode, a subplot of all the Superman books was his running for President.

Superman Lex 2000Somewhere along the way from one of the comic shops, I got a little button: “Vote Lex 2000.” I’ve always been amused by this little button and recall joking at the time that hey, yeah, vote for Luthor…at least we KNOW he’s a villain.

And it was a decent subplot that ramped up, and I recall being highly surprised that DC actually had Luthor WIN the Presidency and reflect that across their entire continuity for several years. DC had Luthor, and Marvel (at least in their Ultimate comics) made very clear that they were recognizing Bush for the added realism.

Superman #164 coverI also recall a scene (though whether it was in one of the regular titles or the Lex 2000 Special, I don’t recall) where the Martian Manhunter suggests to Superman that maybe Lex really does have the best interests of The People at heart…before the two burst into a laughing fit, Superman thanking J’onn, as he needed a good laugh.

What tonight, and tomorrow, and beyond hold now, in real-life in 2012 I don’t know. I know what I hope to see, but going on 9 pm EST, it’s far too early for anything to be certain.

TMNT at Walmart and Target (2012)

After seeing bare-bones presence of the new TMNT toys at Target, they seem to have finally joined the ranks of the “regularly stocked,” as I’ve now seen these multi-peg displays at 5 or 6 different Targets.

I still don’t care for the “sound FX” figures, and would actually be sorta interested in the “TMNT Classics” line (at least for Leonardo).

The photo below was taken at the Target in Willoughby, OH:


I was actually fairly surprised when I saw the following in the Eastlake Walmart recently. Though “late” to the party, that Walmart had a better stock of figures than most of the Targets I’ve seen–though not all visible here, all 9 unique “basic” figures were on these pegs.


At the “Super” Walmart in Brimfield, OH, the aisle tag isn’t quite appropriately placed, but it caught my attention, so served its purpose. I was beginning to REALLY doubt Walmart’s support of these new TMNT toys, but I guess I didn’t need to.


And I’m not quite sure what to make of these bare pegs…the “display” looks pretty shoddy and bare…but that’s hopefully because the things are actually selling.

I’ve often had an “issue” with toy lines for their “peg warmers,” and it does seem like the turtles themselves are filling that role so far: it’s Shredder, the Kraang, the Foot Soldier, and April O’Neil that seem relatively rare–and even Splinter.


The ancillary stuff–the role play kits, the talking/FX turtles, and the vehicles seem pretty common–for what little attention I’ve paid. Continue reading

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