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New TMNT Toys: Super Shredder, Crimson Leader, and Muckman

I finally tracked down the new Tales of the TMNT: Super Shredder figure. After seeing the wave back in early January (and stupidly "passing" on any of the characters) I then found myself highly interested in at least Super Shredder himself…said interest ramped up once I finally got the DVD and got to SEE some of the episodes with the character!


Here’s the figure, still on the card. I intend to get him off it, but that hasn’t quite happened just yet.


Here’s the back of the card. We see simply Super Shredder, and the four turtles variants. While they’re not horrible by any means, they’re "just" variants, and not particularly interesting to me, nor nostalgia-inducing or eye-catching, etc.

I was initially actually partly turned off BY the back of the card for this wave–I’ve long disliked the "generic" cards, far preferring the individualized ones, where you know simply by the card itself what figure it came with, and details are tailored TO the specific character!


This time around, after checking numerous Walmarts, Toys R Us, and Target stores, when I found the figures actually in stock again, I was surprised by a couple of figures I’d had zero expectation of seeing.

Crimson Leader is one of them.

Didn’t remember seeing Tiger Claw quite like this (maybe I fell asleep or didn’t get as far into the DVD as I’d thought) so had zero expectation of a figure; didn’t know that I didn’t know and all that.

I nearly passed on it…but on the off-chance that I’d change my mind, I opted to buy it, to prevent an extremely expensive-through-buying-other-stuff-by-being-in-stores-I-otherwise-wouldn’t-be-in campaign later hunting for this later.


The biggest surprise to me was finding Muckman!

I’d have sworn I saw something about the figure at least a year back, maybe 2-ish, that a prototype had been created but the figure was then cancelled (to my definite disappointment).

When I saw the figure on the box of a new version of one of the vehicles for this line, I thought it was an old one, and had gotten past QC or some such since the figure had been cancelled

So finding this in-person, seeing it almost simultaneously with Super Shredder, I grabbed it off the peg, added it to my cart, and couldn’t wait to get out of the store with it to get it home and opened.


Here’s the back of Muckman’s card. Doing away with the Dimension X wave and such, we have some figures both new, recent, and old.

A couple versions of each turtle–the "Spyline" TMNT and the "Super Ninja" TMNT. We have the "regular" non-serpent Karai, a couple of "Ninja Action" turtles, and three of the Mutanimals.

On the "bad guys" side, we have Super Shredder and Crimson Leader…despite this figure obviously having a different sort of card back than the Super Shredder-specific figures.

Recent-ish figures like Armaggon and Robug are here, as well as mid-time figures like the mutant Shredders, Bebop, Rocksteady, and the Robotic Foot Soldier. I’m not sure if I’m glad to se Stockman-Fly hanging around…though I’m rather surprised at seeing Dogpound BACK in the mix…especially with ALSO having Rahzar in this same mix.

C’est la vie, I guess..!


Muckman’s profile bit…


…And the figure already out of his packaging/off the card!


A slightly larger view of the figures on the card back for the good guys…


…and the bad.


And finally, the "classic" Muckman side-by-side with "new" Muckman.

I’m rather disappointed with the new one NOT having the manhole-cover foot…I know I’d seen an image of a "prototype" WITH it; it wasn’t til I had this figure out of its package that I realized the difference.

Annoying as some stuff is with over-reverence of the ’80s animated series…when there ARE good nods back with the TOYS I tend to quite appreciate it…it’s a small detail that would have REALLY made this a great figure in the nostalgic sense.

TMNT (2012) Toys: Bebop and Rocksteady

I was rather surprised several weeks ago to learn of these figures’ pending presence in Walmarts (something about being “exclusive” to Walmart and available “everywhere” in January or some such). Surprised for that exclusivity (ugh) and their very existence.

I have mixed feelings on ’em; I’ve been more than fine with a number of other characters having multiple iterations, but to me, These two don’t really have much need to exist. And yet though I say that…I bought ’em both first chance I could, and I’ll be interested in seeing them on the show whenever I (eventually) catch up.

Though the profiles suggest their being far different than the originals, and even the contemporary comics versions (which are probably my favorite iteration).



Rocksteady lacks much visually of what I’d expect of the character, given the popularity seems (to me, in my mind) to be based specifically on the character in the classic ’80s/’90s cartoon. Here he’s basically “just” a mutant rhino who happens to share the name with the original.



Same with Bebop as said about Rocksteady above…though I do “see” a bit more of the classic Bebop in this version than I see of the similarities in versions of Rocksteady.

Those pencil-thin legs look really awkward to me, and I can’t say I’m particularly thrilled with the design.

The back of the card shows some new mutated version of Michelangelo, and a “serpent” version of Karai…two figures I have zero interest in. Having picked up Tiger Claw, Slash, the “original comics” turtles and whatnot, at the moment I think I’m pretty content on the TMNT toys.

Though one of these days I’m gonna (finally) bite the bullet and buy that darned van…

TMNT Toys: Original Comic Book Raphael & Donatello

Several weeks ago, I posted about finding the Original Comic Book Leonardo and Original Comic Book Michelangelo figures. I was surprised at the lack of Raphael and Donatello, and figured I’d be “hunting” for those for awhile. Thankfully, the packaging is distinctive from the rest of the line, making it very easy to spot the Original Comic Book Turtles over any other figures in the set without having to poke through all the figures on the pegs.

Over the first weekend of November I came across the Raphael and Donatello figures at a Toys R Us and bought ’em immediately, rather than risk them disappearing for awhile…especially with the “holiday shopping season” fast intruding.





As of present, now having all four of these, I may track down the Michelangelo and Donatello “Battle Shell” turtles (aka “Storage Shell”), and then Tiger Claw. Otherwise, I’m pretty much set, outside of (someday) talking myself into buyig the Shellraiser (aka “Turtle Van”) for this line.

TMNT Toys Then And Now: Mutagen Man

It’s rather cool having the various iterations of certain characters through the years.

Here’s Mutagen Man.


I only remember one single episode with the character in the “classic” TMNT series, and I’m pretty sure the toy came first–that I was excited to see the character in the show, already having the action figure.


The figure has a cap on the top where you could insert “ooze” (sold separately, of course!) into the tank, as the character’s basically a tank of sentient, floating guts with arms and legs.

tmnttoys_thenandnow_mutagenman03The current character is acknowledged as being a tank of guts, and the figure seems designed–much as the character was in the show–to show that. This one has the colored plastic to give the look of an ooze-filled-tank.

This isn’t a character I’m all that enamored with–I bought the new figure specifically to be a counterpart to the old–but it’s a fairly big and heavy figure, so at least “feels” worth the retail price compared to less-bulky figures.

I definitely prefer the classic version, and have it in my head to track down that episode sooner than not…it will certainly influence DVD decision(s) in the near future…

TMNT Toys in the Wild – Newtralizer, Shredder (Variant), Cockroach Terminator, and Snakeweed

While I did finally “pull the trigger” on buying the Casey Jones figure, I’ve continued to come across a bunch of figures that I have either not been interested in actually purchasing, or haven’t justified (to myself) the purchase YET.

Here are some more photos of several other figures “in the wild”…














TMNT Toys in the Wild – Slash, Spider-Bytez, Rahzar, Mutagen Man

More TMNT toys “in the wild” that I’ve come across but not (yet) bought…Figure and profile from the card backs.



slash_profileI specifically did not buy this one because of the damaged package. I’m not one to worry too much about the package on an older toy, especially when/if priced well compared to a “new” toy. And I certainly don’t buy into the need to have pristine packaging when what matters is the toy INSIDE. However, for something NEW, something I”m paying full retail price for…I certainly want to be satisfied with what I am spending my money on. And I don’t like paying for damaged product, when I know I *should* be able to find the figure later withOUT a damaged package.



spider_bytez_profileThis is one of those characters I don’t know much about or char about, and seems like just one of those crazy characters made up for the sake of a figure, except I do know he already had appeared on the show. Still, for sheer bulk, I’ve been half tempted to buy this one….and might yet, if the whim strikes.



rahzar_profileAfter keeping an eye out for a lotta months, I finally came across this figure itself…almost like it had been delayed or such, after seeing all the other figures numerous times that were supposed to be out at the same time. Now I’ve come across this one several times in the span of a few days…so I’m in no rush to buy it…haven’t decided if I actually want to or not, so no sense rushing a purchase. Especially if I am actually going to (finally) keep coming across the figure.



mutagen_man_profileI remember having the original Mutagen Man figure from the ’80s toy line. It was such a random sort of character, and with the condition of that show’s universe being that the merest contact with ooze would un-mutate the turtles, it seemed like a villain that wouldn’t make much sense–they couldn’t deal with him, period. This version seems just as hokey, but at least the figure seems based on the character rather than the other way around. Still, this is another figure that perhaps for sheer bulk might be something I pick up eventually.

TMNT Toys in the Wild – Squirrelanoids

While there’s still a disturbing post-holiday absence of TMNT stock at Walmarts and Targets I’ve looked at lately, the other day I happened to find an all-new (to me) figure that I’d not known of until seeing it there in-person: the Squirrelanoid!


This is a rather ugly figure…but then, the creature is rather ugly, so it’s not really a comment on the sculpt or such in and of itself. I tend to find squirrels rather cute, so not all that thrilled to see such a horrifyingly-mutated one such as this…


I immediately noticed the obvious Aliens inspiration…the body, the tail, and the “inner-jaws” on the creature…


I also noted the continued use of ACTUALLY SHOWING NUMEROUS FIGURES IN THE LINE that I’m shocked more toy lines do not do. I’ve ALWAYS found this a helpful reference with the TMNT figures, dating back to the 1980s with the original line!

While I did not have any inclination to actually buy the Squirrelanoid, I did spot several OTHER characters that I’m interested in and will at least keep an eye out for!

others_casey_jones     others_kirby_bat

I’m quite glad to see Casey Jones shown…while I don’t like the looks of the skull-mask instead of the typical hockey mask, I look forward to finding the figure in-person to evaluate at that point. The Kirby Bat is interesting to me as–not having kept up with the tv show–I wonder if there was an adaptation of the Kirby story from the Donatello special from the ’80s. This also looks to be the closest I might get to a Wingnut figure…

others_mutagen_man     others_rahzar

This is definitely a different “take” on the Mutagen Man, and seems the only figure that would truly make sense to come with a container of “ooze” (as opposed to the turtle variants from last year). I recall the original Mutagen Man figure from the 1980s line, so will be interested to see this one in person, and perhaps to find the episode he appears in.

Unfortunately, while these others came out fairly clearly, Rahzar is blurry and I don’t have a better image at present. This character looks rather insectoid to me, though the name seems reminiscent of the mutant wolfling from the TMNT II: Secret of the Ooze film. I’ll be interested in finding this one just out of curiosity at what it actually is.

And below, the full assortment of figures shown on the Squirrelanoid’s card back.



Looking forward to more new TMNT toys soon!

In the packaging for the TMNT Classic Collection figures, Playmates included a mini catalogue of sorts, showing some of the existing and New (“coming soon,” I take it?) figures. Several stood out to me, outside of stuff I’ve covered previously in this blog based on the card backs of figures I’ve already seen:


I saw Leatherhead at a Walmart a week or two ago, BUT the packaging was mangled, and the blister pack was actually TAPED to the card with clear packing tape. Granted, the figure itself was there, but if I’m gonna pay full price, I darn well wanna open the thing MYSELF! (Plus, I like having the cards–especially for the “profile” bit!.)

I don’t recall if there was ever a Mousers pack in the 2003 line, but I absolutely LOVE the idea of being able to get a couple packs and have a little mini-army of the things!


While I’ve refused to partake in purchasing any of the ‘variants’ so far for the turtles themselves, I do fondly recall the “Storage Shell” TMNT figures from the original line (especially much preferring the sculpts and coloring!) so just for “old time’s sake” I could see “shelling out” for a Battle Shell Leo or Raph.


…and I QUITE enjoyed the “baby TMNT” 4-pack with the 2003 line…I assume these will be the counterparts to those, but split into two 2-packs instead of all 4 crammed together into one pack. I’ll probably get these if I see ’em.


I’d sorta prefer a Leonardo/Raphael pairing and a Donatello/Michelangelo pairing. But since I’ll want all 4 whatever the case, and likely wait until I can buy BOTH 2-packs at once, it’ll be a sorta moot point in the end.

I really don’t care for any of the vehicles except the Shellraiser, which I have seen ALL OVER THE PLACE price-wise; it’s varied from about $22 to $35 offhand, and as I remember the original “Party Wagon” being about $20 and the 2003 Van being $20, I don’t much like the idea of paying the higher-$20s, though I’ll probably settle for the $23-24 range. It’s honestly the only vehicle that really “makes sense” to me or has any interest for me at all.

I also continue to have no intention of tracking down any of the random mutants; I’ve seen Snakeweed several times and have left it on the pegs…and have no interest in the one spider or cockroach.

Ultimately, I’m just thrilled to see the potential variety finally getting there…though I just hope I can actually FIND these, rather than pegs choked with endless “pegwarmer” variants of the turtles themselves!

TMNT (2013) Toys – Baxter Stockman

After about 10 months of casually “keeping an eye out” and pretty much thinking this line had been given up on, I FINALLY found a new TMNT figure that WASN’T just a variant of one of the four turtles themselves!

I happened to be in a Toys R Us looking to see what DC Unlimited/Batman Unlimited/DC Classic figures they might have and at what price, and happened to notice unfamiliar-looking TMNT figures (some sort of camo/zip-line variant). But when I looked on the back of the card for THOSE, I noticed a couple other new characters as well…so actually looked through all the figures on the pegs.

Other than the zip-line turtles themselves, I found Baxter Stockman…and bought him on the spot, despite Toys R Us typically having a significantly-higher pricing than Walmart or Target (turned out to only be a few cents, though…I later saw Stockman at Target).


Offhand, this is probably my favorite Stockman figure to date…sure, he’s got that crazy battle-suit, but it sure beats the mutant-fly of the ’80s line or mechanical spider-body/human-head of the 2003 line.


The profile fits what I know of the character from the current animated series.


No new TMNT-allies that I’ve seen, which is a shame…not that I really can consciously think of any from episodes I’ve seen so far that would particularly qualify. Here’s hoping Casey Jones shows up in season 2 and gets a figure soon, though!


One of the other cards showed a Rat King figure and some other random mutant in addition to the figures shown here. I have no intention of buying Snakeweed, and really have no particular interest in other randomish “mutation-of-the-week” mutants. Rat King is a possibility for an impulse buy. I’m looking forward to a Leatherhead figure, though, if they actually put that out!

A New Wave of TMNT figures, but I’m not buyin’

tmntbackinstockattargetOver the last few weeks, I’d actually begun to fear that the new line of TMNT figures had been dropped by BOTH Walmart AND Target…as both chains seemed to have no stock of the figures, and were filling the pegs previously marked for TMNT with Power Rangers and Ben10 and other lines.

I even did some digging online just to try to find some information, and found a couple discussions suggesting it was that the toys had sold exceedingly well during “the holidays” and neither chain had yet restocked…which makes sense (for the most part).

Also made sense that the stores would spread other stock out to avoid the constant empty pegs. It was just a wonder (to me) to consider that a chain would not be able to get something restocked more quickly.

Then a couple weeks ago I noticed a handful of figures again at a Walmart, and the other day spotted a restocked selection at a local Target (pictured to the left).

While it’s good to see the line back in stock with some numbers (rather than just an isolated single figure here or there) I continue to be rather disappointed at the selection. I bought the entirety of the first wave of figures, and bought the next three the first time I saw them, the third wave of figures seems to consist simply of “Ooze variants” of the four turtles.

oozelaunchinleoWhile I am not a huge fan of endless variants, I was guilty of snagging several variants of a character from the 2003 line, and had a slew of Leonardos from the ’80s line. But for $9/figure I’m NOT buying into the variants…especially as stupid as these.

Maybe I’m still just in the mindset of the ’80s stuff, but to me, the turtles should want nothing to do with the ooze; that contact with it again could revert them to “normal” turtles.

Regardless…the fact that the figures themselves–made to utilize actual ooze–do not even come with a small “sample” of ooze puts me off all the more. I don’t mind that the ooze is sold separately in “bulk,” but if I’m buying a $9 figure I’m not exactly inclined to want to have to spend another $4-7 on a container of figure-compatible ooze product.

I also continue to be entirely unimpressed with the “vehicles,” save the Van, which I have the intention of snagging “eventually,” though kinda bummed that Target’s bumped their asking price from $29.99 to $32.99. Discounts’ll suck me in…making stuff more expensive than the “regular” price you started with is NOT going to entice me.

I believe there’s a Leatherhead figure coming soon, and I have no idea what else–I’ll probably snag that figure, but for the most part I’m not all that interested in the “oozed villain of the week” characters introduced on the tv show so far, and it’s going to take something more interesting than slinging ooze to get me to buy variants of core characters.


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