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New TMNT Toys: Super Shredder, Crimson Leader, and Muckman

I finally tracked down the new Tales of the TMNT: Super Shredder figure. After seeing the wave back in early January (and stupidly "passing" on any of the characters) I then found myself highly interested in at least Super Shredder himself…said interest ramped up once I finally got the DVD and got to SEE some of the episodes with the character!


Here’s the figure, still on the card. I intend to get him off it, but that hasn’t quite happened just yet.


Here’s the back of the card. We see simply Super Shredder, and the four turtles variants. While they’re not horrible by any means, they’re "just" variants, and not particularly interesting to me, nor nostalgia-inducing or eye-catching, etc.

I was initially actually partly turned off BY the back of the card for this wave–I’ve long disliked the "generic" cards, far preferring the individualized ones, where you know simply by the card itself what figure it came with, and details are tailored TO the specific character!


This time around, after checking numerous Walmarts, Toys R Us, and Target stores, when I found the figures actually in stock again, I was surprised by a couple of figures I’d had zero expectation of seeing.

Crimson Leader is one of them.

Didn’t remember seeing Tiger Claw quite like this (maybe I fell asleep or didn’t get as far into the DVD as I’d thought) so had zero expectation of a figure; didn’t know that I didn’t know and all that.

I nearly passed on it…but on the off-chance that I’d change my mind, I opted to buy it, to prevent an extremely expensive-through-buying-other-stuff-by-being-in-stores-I-otherwise-wouldn’t-be-in campaign later hunting for this later.


The biggest surprise to me was finding Muckman!

I’d have sworn I saw something about the figure at least a year back, maybe 2-ish, that a prototype had been created but the figure was then cancelled (to my definite disappointment).

When I saw the figure on the box of a new version of one of the vehicles for this line, I thought it was an old one, and had gotten past QC or some such since the figure had been cancelled

So finding this in-person, seeing it almost simultaneously with Super Shredder, I grabbed it off the peg, added it to my cart, and couldn’t wait to get out of the store with it to get it home and opened.


Here’s the back of Muckman’s card. Doing away with the Dimension X wave and such, we have some figures both new, recent, and old.

A couple versions of each turtle–the "Spyline" TMNT and the "Super Ninja" TMNT. We have the "regular" non-serpent Karai, a couple of "Ninja Action" turtles, and three of the Mutanimals.

On the "bad guys" side, we have Super Shredder and Crimson Leader…despite this figure obviously having a different sort of card back than the Super Shredder-specific figures.

Recent-ish figures like Armaggon and Robug are here, as well as mid-time figures like the mutant Shredders, Bebop, Rocksteady, and the Robotic Foot Soldier. I’m not sure if I’m glad to se Stockman-Fly hanging around…though I’m rather surprised at seeing Dogpound BACK in the mix…especially with ALSO having Rahzar in this same mix.

C’est la vie, I guess..!


Muckman’s profile bit…


…And the figure already out of his packaging/off the card!


A slightly larger view of the figures on the card back for the good guys…


…and the bad.


And finally, the "classic" Muckman side-by-side with "new" Muckman.

I’m rather disappointed with the new one NOT having the manhole-cover foot…I know I’d seen an image of a "prototype" WITH it; it wasn’t til I had this figure out of its package that I realized the difference.

Annoying as some stuff is with over-reverence of the ’80s animated series…when there ARE good nods back with the TOYS I tend to quite appreciate it…it’s a small detail that would have REALLY made this a great figure in the nostalgic sense.

More New (to me) Classic TMNT Toys

I received some more of the vintage TMNT figures I’d ordered last week, which was quite cool. I’ve also realized that Wingnut must have been THE figure I was most missing having, of the earlier figures…it’s just so cool actually having Wingnut & Screwloose after all these years!

fall_of_the_mighty_mutanimals_200x306With the newer vintage figures, I believe I now have what Mutanimals characters there were: Man Ray (Ray Fillet), Mondo Gecko, Leatherhead, and Wingnut & Screwloose. To my knowledge, they never did figures for Jagwar or Dreadmon.

Though Slash kinda got tied into them toward the end of the Archie run of TMNT Adventures, and the current versions of Slash (IDW series and the 2012 animated series) are both Mutanimals, I don’t quite see him as a "classic" Mutanimal.

While I was taking photos for this blog, both cats interrupted me, with Chloe being particularly disruptive. I wound up taking the opportunity to get a photo to do a mockup of a comic book style cover, hence the image to the left of her with the figures she knocked over.

On to the recent figures!


This order included a "replacement" Rocksteady. Of a number of figures, this one’s one of the more disappointing ones for me to have had to replace: the character was THE first TMNT figure I ever got, back in the heyday when stores were inundated with figures but NO ONE had the turtles themselves!

Rat King and Usagi Yojimbo are figures I’d never owned, and thus totally new to me. I’d seen images of this "newer" version of April, and really dug it…the face is slightly off, but I like the hair, and the extra coloring…makes the figure look far, far less bland than the original iteration.


The other order I’d had was Wyrm and Leatherhead. I’ve never cared for this version of Leatherhead–the character as depicted on the original animated series–but I came to like the Archie comics version, and wanted the figure solely for having been one of the Mighty Mutanimals. The figure is actually probably one of my least-favorite sculpt-wise, and just looks awkward and tiny as heck compared to his 2003 and 2012 series’ incarnations, or even the original Mirage comics.

Wyrm is far more colorful than I’d prefer, particularly compared to the TMNT Adventures version, but I’m still definitely glad to finally have the character in my collection!

Updating my "list" of figures I’m wanting:


  • Ace Duck
  • Baxter Stockman
  • Fugitoid
  • Rocksteady
  • Splinter
  • Party Wagon (vehicle)

New (to me)

  • General Traag
  • Rat King
  • Leatherhead
  • Usagi Yojimbo
  • Dirtbag
  • Tattoo
  • Wyrm
  • April II
  • Merdude
  • Hothead
  • Krang’s Android Body (regular figure size)
  • Robotic Foot Soldier(s)
  • Toon Shreder
  • Dask (Neutrino)
  • Kala (Neutrino)
  • Zak (Neutrino)
  • Movie Star Leo
  • Movie Star Mike
  • Movie Star Raph
  • Foot Cruiser (vehicle)


Along with the figures, I also ordered several accessories! The main one was Donatello’s belt. I had the original figure, still…but was missing the belt. It’s amazing how different and how "complete" the character looks WITH the belt, such a simple accessory!


And my $2 incomplete Triceraton received a $1.50 tail, making for a $3.50 replacement figure overall–cheaper than a Marvel comic!

The Rocksteady and Rat King figures pictured above were technically bought withOUT their belts…but it was actually CHEAPER to buy the figures and the belts individually than to buy the characters with their belts and some other accessory(ies) each, that I didn’t particularly care for!


Here’s the "new" April side-by-side with the original April, for comparison…


Usagi Yojimbo (classic) next to his 2003 counterpart, with an appropriate background! Usagi Yojimbo is actually the title of the comic series, though in those comics, not actually the CHARACTER’s name. (Oops, original animated series…) For sake of simplicity, in terms of the figures, I go with that, despite knowing better. ‘Nuff said.


And finally, my Mighty Mutanimals, at long last, assembled!

25+ Years Later: Wingnut!

I’ve been at least aware of the character for over 25 years now, and know at least one friend had the figure “back in the day,” but until this week, I’d never owned the figure myself.


Now, finally, I do…which puts me one step closer to the “classic” Mutanimals. Sadly, they never did do figures for Jaguar or Dreadmon…but they did for Wingnut & Screwloose, Man Ray (Ray Fillet), Mondo Gecko, and the outright villainous version of Leatherhead.


Along with finally acquiring Wingnut & Screwloose…I was able to get a replacement belt for Slash, so he doesn’t look “naked” anymore.


And for Muckman, I got a replacement trashcan/backpack accessory, so he can once again carry around his little buddy Joe Eyeball.


And with the addition of a replacement Raphael, I now once again have all four classic “Storage Shell” TMNT.

I have a small list (comparatively) of figures I still need to “replace” to restore my “classic” collection from when I was a kid, as well as specific characters I particularly want to add to “complete” (-ish) my collection.

I hold no illusions of ever having ALL of the classic/vintage figures, particularly with all the variants that were made of the various characters. There are several “sets” of “variants” that I’m interested in, but my primary interest is in representation of CHARACTERS, period…and at that, ones that were “live” when I was originally collecting these on a regular basis, up to 1992/1993 or so.

I also find myself frustrated at how Target and Walmart along with Toys R Us have had barely ANY of the “current” figures lately, primarily having only the same several “Mutations” or “Mix ‘n Match” editions of characters.

I solidly regret NOT purchasing the “Super Shredder” figure the several times I came across it back in January, as it’s now become impossible-ish to find, and is the one figure from that sub-set that I want, given the enormity of that version of the character in the actual animated series in a way that I’d had no idea of when I actually could have bought the figure.

I may “spotlight” some of my “classic” figures collection in coming posts…at the least, likely new acquisitions as I add them to the collection.

Most imminently, I want to replace Splinter, Rocksteady, and Triceraton, and perhaps add Rat King, Leatherhead, and General Traag…as well as Wyrm and Merdude. Time shall tell!


TMNT at Work: The Leonardo Collection

It’s easy to locate my desk/work-area at work: just look for the toys displayed on a cabinet above a cubespace. I tend to go in phases, over a period of weeks/months of adding to or building a ‘collection’; after a lengthy Robin (Tim Drake) run, I cleared the cabinet, and restarted with Leonardo, Ninja Turtle.


Initially I started with taking in several of the "basic" figures from the various toy lines over the years. 1980s, 2003, 2012, the "Original Comic" line, and even the 2014 film line. Then I found the Classics figure, the Funko Mystery Mini, and the miniature version of the 2003 figure.

Since starting, I’ve acquired the miniature 1980s figure, the two mini 2016 film figures, and the MegaBlox 2012 figure along with the plush.

And while helping clean out my parents’ garage, I found what I think was some sort of Kids’ Meal toy, presumably from Burger King back in the day (based on the 2003 animate series.


In addition to these I have quite a few Leonardo "variant" figures primarily from the 1980s line.


The larger quantity of figures I started with of Leo is why I went with him as the focus…and he’s "traditionally" been my favorite Turtle (though I’d say in recent–the last 10 or so–years that has shifted to Raphael).

TMNT Toys in the Wild – Squirrelanoids

While there’s still a disturbing post-holiday absence of TMNT stock at Walmarts and Targets I’ve looked at lately, the other day I happened to find an all-new (to me) figure that I’d not known of until seeing it there in-person: the Squirrelanoid!


This is a rather ugly figure…but then, the creature is rather ugly, so it’s not really a comment on the sculpt or such in and of itself. I tend to find squirrels rather cute, so not all that thrilled to see such a horrifyingly-mutated one such as this…


I immediately noticed the obvious Aliens inspiration…the body, the tail, and the “inner-jaws” on the creature…


I also noted the continued use of ACTUALLY SHOWING NUMEROUS FIGURES IN THE LINE that I’m shocked more toy lines do not do. I’ve ALWAYS found this a helpful reference with the TMNT figures, dating back to the 1980s with the original line!

While I did not have any inclination to actually buy the Squirrelanoid, I did spot several OTHER characters that I’m interested in and will at least keep an eye out for!

others_casey_jones     others_kirby_bat

I’m quite glad to see Casey Jones shown…while I don’t like the looks of the skull-mask instead of the typical hockey mask, I look forward to finding the figure in-person to evaluate at that point. The Kirby Bat is interesting to me as–not having kept up with the tv show–I wonder if there was an adaptation of the Kirby story from the Donatello special from the ’80s. This also looks to be the closest I might get to a Wingnut figure…

others_mutagen_man     others_rahzar

This is definitely a different “take” on the Mutagen Man, and seems the only figure that would truly make sense to come with a container of “ooze” (as opposed to the turtle variants from last year). I recall the original Mutagen Man figure from the 1980s line, so will be interested to see this one in person, and perhaps to find the episode he appears in.

Unfortunately, while these others came out fairly clearly, Rahzar is blurry and I don’t have a better image at present. This character looks rather insectoid to me, though the name seems reminiscent of the mutant wolfling from the TMNT II: Secret of the Ooze film. I’ll be interested in finding this one just out of curiosity at what it actually is.

And below, the full assortment of figures shown on the Squirrelanoid’s card back.



TMNT Classic Collection [Toy Review]

The other day after work, I decided–on a whim–to stop by a Toys R Us to see if they, by some chance, had the new Leatherhead TMNT figure. While they did NOT…what they DID have surprised the heck outta me.

A new “Classic Collection” line of TMNT figures I’d not heard/known ANYthing about coming out!


Of course, I had to buy Leonardo…my “classic” favorite turtle…and typically, if I ever give in and buy “variants” of a turtle, I go with Leonardo.


…But then, since these ARE re-issues of the original figures…and I can’t FIND my original figures…yet had my 2003 Turtles and 2012 Turtles here in my room…I splurged and bought the other three:




The card back is identical on all the figures, with a mostly classic look…except for the Classic Collection blurb, a contemporary “About the Turtles,” the nickelodeon logo, and a lack of clip ‘n collect “profile card.”


The front of the card looks like what I remember from the original figures:


And the “origin” of the turtles also looks like what I remember from the originals.


As said, this About the Turtles is new/contemporary:


I may yet opt to snag Splinter and Shredder for the heckuvit–to have all 3 versions of them as well. But for now I just wanted the four turtles themselves.


I did NOT see the “Party Wagon,” though if I do, I fully intend to buy it (provided it’s–IDEALLY–NOT a $39.99+ item! I would expect $25-$30ish!).


All in all, I’m mostly satisfied with the figures themselves. The belts are significantly looser than I remember, which is a big drawback–Raphael in particular is ready to lose HIS just standing around!

I do like that the weapons all come on the original “sprues” or whatever–the flimsy brown plastic–you have to bend/twist/break the pieces apart yourself! But this keeps with the classic-ness of the figures.

I also QUITE like that the packaging does NOT include ANY annoying twist-ties and such…the figures and weapons simply popped RIGHT out (with some applied pushing/pulling/folding the plastic inside-out).

$12.99 is a bit steep for these–they’re slightly smaller/lower “quality” than either the 2003 or 2012 line (the current 2012 line being about $9/ea). BUT for being classic, and NOT carried in Walmart or Target or such that I have seen, the extra $4 is still worth it on the whole over paying higher premiums for original or 2010 25th-anniversary editions of the turtles themselves on the card.

’80s TMNT toys: Sword Slicin’ Leonardo [card]

About a week ago, I came across a couple of old “cards” from my old TMNT toys from the late-1980s. These were from the “Wacky Action” turtles–motorized action figures that…well, gave them action. Nothing fancy, but quite a time capsule, and a reminder of how sorely disappointing most contemporary toy lines and card designs are to me.

Well, this card’s a bit worse for wear compared to the Mouser one I posted the other day.

While the mouser was fairly cool as a unique figure (despite being horribly out of scale) this is “just” another Leonardo variant. And from what I recall of the figure itself, unlike the Mouser’s walking action, this figure’s arm simply spun, giving the “slicing” action.


Though the front’s pretty torn up, the back’s just fine:


I can appreciate the alliteration of the accessories–Menacing Mace, Wacky Whip, Silly Sword–even if they seem ridiculous for this character–what possible reason would the character have for using any of these? All the more as rigid items…I guess that leaves plenty to the imagination, though.


Again, I appreciate the alliteration on the Portrait card, even if the phrasing all seems awkward and pointless. (Sorta gets me thinking and wondering about the GI Joe profiles on those toys back in the day).


Unlike the mouser, here we seem to have the FULL lineup of Wacky Action Turtles–with Leo, Shredder, and Splinter added to the mix. The figures are all terribly familiar, so I’m pretty sure that between what I had and what a friend had, we probably had the full subseries.


And there’s Napoleon Bonafrog. I think of the figures shown here, the only ones I never had were Wingnut & Screwloose, Genghis Frog and Usagi Yojimbo. I’d love to be able to re-acquire or simply acquire the Mutanimals characters (Mondo Gecko, Wingnut & Screwloose, Leatherhead, Ray Fillet (Man Ray) and whatever others there were (I don’t think there were ever figures for all the Mutanimals).


I don’t think I ever had Scumbug, General Traag (my friend had him, I believe), Leatherhead, or Rat King. I do have the Rat King from the 2003 line, though. It’s interesting to look at this version of Krang–I believe this was before the oversized Android Body was released, and I believe a later series shrunk the Krang-in-Android-Body to a standard size single-piece figure.


…and of course, the legalese. Looks like this one may’ve been from 1990, possibly meaning the mouser was a LATE 1989. I never knew anything about Panda Khan, but seeing the separate copyright notice (Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo I’m familiar with) led me to a quick search online; looks like a first issue of Panda Khan is available from the original creators here.


’80s TMNT toys: Wacky Walkin’ Mouser [card]

About a week ago, I came across a couple of old “cards” from my old TMNT toys from the late-1980s. These were from the “Wacky Action” turtles–motorized action figures that…well, gave them action. Nothing fancy, but quite a time capsule, and a reminder of how sorely disappointing most contemporary toy lines and card designs are to me.

First off…what I consider to be a decent-condition card front, given the toy’s long-since been opened, the blister pack or whatever-it’s-called taken apart. The card is larger than the “regular” figures were–about an inch taller and an inch and a half wider, I’d say.


The back is where I find many contemporary lines (specifically Marvel’s) and what I can think of on Star Wars) seriously lack: it’s essentially a full-color catalogue of the entire line. I count 21 unique figures shown here…and you have a mix of “good guys” and “bad guys” instead of just endless variants, or only seeing 2-3 other figures that exist.


The “blueprint” seems like a bit of filler, but it’s also directions to working the “wacky action” of the figure.


The “Portrait” was a fun feature I recall on most (if not all) of the ’80s/’90s TMNT toys…and I remember indeed “clipping and collecting” these until I took ’em to school with me and they got lost. After that I vaguely recall just hanging onto the full cards (which would seem to account for this one at least).


From what I can tell, these were the “first wave” of Wacky Action turtles, as we’re missing Leo, Shredder, and Splinter from below:


While I never appreciated the range of now-memorable characters (especially ones I believe came from the Archie comics), it was still quite an incentive to see all the figures available to try to collect. I don’t believe I ever acquired Genghis Frog, I did have the later-released Napoleon Bonafrog. I honestly don’t recall if I ever actually had this version of Usagi–but I at least remember seeing the figure a few times…and got the one from the 2003 toy line.


While I really don’t (except in a bit of nostalgic reflection) care for Bebop and Rocksteady, it’s still also cool to see a range of villains for the line–beyond the RIDICULOUS-looking and atrociously-posed Shredder. Shame, though, that Baxter Stockman was relegated to being best known as a fly, as opposed to the creepy scientist of the comics.


And spotlighting the other segments of the back of the card, here’s the legalese of the card, including the “Pizza Points.” I don’t recall if there was ever anything to redeem these for–but hey, anything to add ‘value’ for us kids cutting up the card, right?


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