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Pokémon Through the Years: The Games

Back in probably 1998, a friend got me to try this new card game, based on a video game that was taking the country by storm. Pokémon. Not long after–in early 1999 or so–he convinced me to get a Gameboy and the actual game, so we could battle and trade critters and such. He’d started with Pokémon Blue, so I got Pokémon Red.

Fast-forward to this past summer, July 2016, and the release of Pokémon Go got me back into the property after a number of years away.

A couple other friends convinced me to get a 2DS, and I re-bought Red via the digital shop…though quickly left that aside to try the newer game: Pokémon Omega Ruby (both my red 2Ds and Omega Ruby chosen to stick with the Red theme).

I also pre-ordered Pokémon Sun at the time. Then, due to a Black Friday sale, I ordered Pokémon Y though have yet to dive into playing that one–I figure its time will come, eventually!


And I came across my original box, and the mini manual, while going through some years-old stuff helping parents clear out the old house.

So even with the more-than-a-decade gap, and the 18 or so years total since getting that first game…I have all four on a shelf.


And perhaps one of these days I’ll really get into detail on my experiences and thoughts regarding the various aspects of Pokémon through the years beyond just having these four games.

Plush Poké-Buddies

I now have three of my favorite Pokémon characters as plushies!


Eevee has got to be the cutest, most adorable critter of ’em all! While I like most of the "Eeveelutions" as well, this little furball’s top of the pile.

And Litten was my chosen starter for Pokémon: Sun, decided as soon as I saw (my) first "spoiler" image of what the three would be…despite some significant disappointment over not receiving a "pre-order with us and get this bonus poster!" poster from Gamestop (an employee insisted they were only for people who had pre-ordered BOTH Sun and Moon), I still wound up (at a different store!) snagging the plush Litten the next day.

And finally, closing out 2016, I came across the plush Snorlax, which fits as one of my other primary characters in Sun, that has been on my core roster without fail as the other five slots have seen a rotation.

Plushies, (in)action figures, a Nintendo 2DS, Omega Ruby, Sun, and X can really all be traced back to Pokemon Go for me, rekindling the dormant Pokémon interest back in early July.

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