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Cereal Comics: Dawn of Justice

I really wish they’d do it more often, so I was quite glad to see that DC has a new round of comics in General Mills‘ cereals…and of course, this round makes perfect sense…though I think it should have been a bit earlier, as I’d be interested to have all four issues before the movie hits next week.


I bought two boxes of cereal while getting groceries tonight–Lucky Charms and Honey Nut Cheerios–and gladly got two different issues, including #1.

I know these are throw-away stories, no bearing on continuity and such, but the kid in me is absolutely, completely thrilled at these…given the lack of this sort of thing when I actually was a kid. (Some may remember the The Untold Legend of the Batman mini-comics that I believe were cereal-prizes in the early/mid-1980s, but I missed that by at least a couple years).

While the stories may be throwaway…the creative talent isn’t…or at least, not as much as could be! From the start, the covers are impressive–Gary Frank and Rod Reis art–and it looks like different writers for each issue–Jeff Parker for #1, Marguerite Bennett for #3, and other creative names involved that I at least recognize.

I’ll need to figure out where my others went to…but for now, I’m (obviously) going to be seeking #s 2 & 4 of this…and I’ll be well-stocked on cereal for awhile, too!

Batman v Superman Toys in the Wild [SPOILERS]

While I was happy to finally–months after “Force Friday”–see an actual assortment of new Star Wars figures, after enjoying looking at the various figures and finding myself slightly dismayed to not find Rey…I happened across what I initially thought was just another random Batman toy from the generic-ish Batman line of DC figures.


But then I noticed a now-familiar logo at the top and realized this was a toy from the upcoming Batman v. Superman film due out in the spring. And along with Batman himself (in “Electro-Armor!”) there was a Superman.


And they both talk and have sound effects…WHY Superman would ever have any kind of need for artificial WINGS is beyond me, though. And I get the “Heat Vision” but this toy just makes no sense to me with the lights on the chest (besides the S-shield).


Pulling the indicator on the back of either figure deploys the “action wings” and activates the voice/sound stuff.

I’m really not impressed with either figure…but then, I’m not the target audience for these at all…they seem geared for the younger crowd.

These seemed roughly the size of those 12-inch barely-articulated “titan” figures that are usually about $10. I couldn’t find a price for these (and the price-scanner came up “please see associate”) but I’d guess these’ll probably be in the $24.99-$29.99 range due to talking and their size.


Then there were what appear to be the “regular” figures for the line. I’m very disappointed in these because I’d far prefer the 3.75″ scale…but they probably want to differentiate these from the higher-end “Adult Collector” figures that seem to have become the identifier for the 3.75″ scale of late.

[A bit further below I show photos of a figure that could be construed to be a spoiler for the film. Stop reading now if you don’t want to see spoiler-type stuff regarding Batman v Superman]

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