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$3.99: a lingering effect?

I’ll be curious about any comic shops with anecdotes about the rollback to $2.99 that DC’s doing.

I just found myself not even CONSIDERING several books that I’ve either known or assumed to be $3.99…as I continue to do with Marvel.

When one is shopping by list, planning ahead of time to budget for the week…how many people may continue to pass on books that have been $3.99? How long until people “realize” that the things are back down to (or still only) $2.99?

And what of relatively new series–such as Emerald Warriors–that practically just started, but people like me passed on it due in large part to the price? For something with so few issues…on the one hand, it’d be tempted to go ahead and track down those few earlier issues. But when they were avoided in the first place for not wanting to pay $3.99 (or more, if they’re already off the shelves as back issues)…tough call.

I suppose time will tell.

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