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Adopt-a-character 2011

So…I recall last year hearing one of Chris Marshall‘s episodes of Collected Comic Library where he spoke of “adopting” a character for the year.

While I have no idea how it’ll go…I’m going to “adopt” Usagi Yojimbo for 2011.

At present,I’ve read less than a half-dozen issues of the character in my time. I greatly enjoyed the reprint of the 1st issue of the Dark Horse (current) series this past summer. And there are plenty of collected volumes that I could get one per month and I’m not sure I’d be halfway through the entirety of the Usagi material out there.

But my intent is to learn more about the character, to read some full stories, and by the end of 2011 have a sort of “insider’s understanding” of the character that I lack at present, looking in from the “outside.”

Perhaps this’ll get in the way of getting some of the other books I’d like to get in 2011. Perhaps it’ll get in the way of going through the runs of Prime, and TMNT Adventures, and Spider-Man.

But then, that’s comics.

There’s always more to read than can ever be read.

I could probably give up “new comics” cold turkey and still have new-to-me comics and re-reads to last the rest of my comic-reading life.

Another comic I won’t be buying due to pricing

Preview: The Thanos Imperative: Devastation #1 – Comic Book Resources.

This preview is up over at CBR. And y’know…I kinda want to catch up on the Marvel Cosmic stuff. I’d even be willing to dive in at this late point in things, post-Annihilation.

But, Marvel…c’mon.

I’m so incredibly sick of $3.99!

And so…yet again…I’ll wait and maybe–eventually, someday–obtain the collected volume.

Comics stuff I want to read this year

I’ve decided to attempt a “To Be Read” challenge for 2011 (see earlier posting and the link at the top of this blog). But in addition to having a list of books I want to read this year, I have a number of comics and collected editions I want to try to read this year.

Back in 2004, I’d picked up the first volume of Preacher, and figured maybe it’d take a few months to a year to go through the entire series. Nearly 7 years later, I’ve only read to vol. 6 or vol. 7. I’d like to finish the series this year.

I’ve read the first couple volumes of Transmet, and it’d be cool to get through that entire series this year.

Recently reading some of Ron Marz‘ work on Witchblade, I’d like to catch up on his run and keep up for 2011 at least.

I’d like to finish reading Naoki Urasawa‘s Monster series. I’ve read 14 vols so far…only 4 to go.

I’d like to Acquire the hardcover to Annihilation: Conquest vol. 2, and finish reading the Annihilation volumes. Also find the Heroes Reborn: Avengers tpb and Heroes Reborn: The Return tpb (with that mini, and the 5th-week even from 2000 or so). Complete my collection of the Devil’s Due GI Joe run. Find the hardcover of the Devil’s Due Dragons of Autumn Twilight for a reasonable price and acquire it.

I’d also like to–in some format–read the original Spider-Man vs. Wolverine issue from the late-1980s. I’ve been aware of its existence since 1992, but I still have not ever read it.

I’m planning on revisiting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures series, at least in part, for a series of blog entries. Ditto the Ultraverse Prime series and perhaps Rune. Also attempt to make my way through the “Brand New Day” era of Spider-Man, as provided by a friend since I refuse to purchase Amazing Spider-Man (or any Spider-Man title) in the main Marvel Universe with an unmarried Peter/MJ.

But as always…we’ll see what happens. And maybe I’ll remember to revisit this post in about 12 months and see what I actually managed to follow through with.

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