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Adopt-a-character 2011

So…I recall last year hearing one of Chris Marshall‘s episodes of Collected Comic Library where he spoke of “adopting” a character for the year.

While I have no idea how it’ll go…I’m going to “adopt” Usagi Yojimbo for 2011.

At present,I’ve read less than a half-dozen issues of the character in my time. I greatly enjoyed the reprint of the 1st issue of the Dark Horse (current) series this past summer. And there are plenty of collected volumes that I could get one per month and I’m not sure I’d be halfway through the entirety of the Usagi material out there.

But my intent is to learn more about the character, to read some full stories, and by the end of 2011 have a sort of “insider’s understanding” of the character that I lack at present, looking in from the “outside.”

Perhaps this’ll get in the way of getting some of the other books I’d like to get in 2011. Perhaps it’ll get in the way of going through the runs of Prime, and TMNT Adventures, and Spider-Man.

But then, that’s comics.

There’s always more to read than can ever be read.

I could probably give up “new comics” cold turkey and still have new-to-me comics and re-reads to last the rest of my comic-reading life.

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