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DC & Marvel Animation – My Collection

I have an entire shelf dedicated to DC and Marvel animated features and series:


DC Animated Universe stuff. I’m missing one volume of Batman, all of Batman Beyond, and a couple of the Justice League seasons.


I’ve kept up (so far) with the Warner Premiere animated films; I started out with the DVDs but eventually switched to blu-ray…sadly, I made the switch when they pretty much QUIT putting tons of extra stuff on the blu-ray that wasn’t on the DVDs.

So far, I think my favorites are probably Batman: Under the Hood, Wonder Woman, The New Frontier, and The Flashpoint Paradox.


My Marvel collection is significantly smaller…though I’ve contemplated getting some of the Marvel Knights things–Iron Man: Extremis, Astonishing X-Men, etc; can’t really justify that with those on Netflix. I do, however, want to get the other 3 X-Men volumes so that I don’t have to rely on Netflix and just have ’em.

My favorite of these is the Wolverine and the X-Men Complete Series set. I was extremely glad I waited and passed on the $15ish mini-sets. Got the full thing for only about $25! You may notice Planet Hulk‘s there TWICE…I got the blu-ray for 1/4 the price I paid for the DVD, but I like the “slipcase” on the DVD.

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