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Loot Crate December 2014: Anniversary

The latest Loot Crate’s shipped; mine arrived this afternoon…a few days earlier than I’d anticipated.


Yet I think I can say this is–for me–the most disappointing of the four Crates I’ve gotten so far.

Given I’m led to believe some folks consider the contents of these to be “spoilers” and such, I’m putting the rest of this post behind a cut.

For the other places this post shows up…you’ll want to skip the rest of this if you don’t want to see what’s in the December 2014 box.


Really the only thing I’d’ve been interested in would be the Pop vinyl figure…but there are so many other characters I’d’ve been happier with, as this one just makes NO SENSE to me…aside from some story of “corruption,” Batman dressing as the Joker has no real place in my mind, and certainly doesn’t fit anything I’m interested in, in a Pop figure.

I can’t see even trying to wear the socks–certainly no one to show ’em off to. I don’t use stickers, so those are no use/fun to me. I might use the air freshener just for having it, but it doesn’t strike me as anything special. I hate variant covers, and the Batman comic is not even chapter 1 of the story, so there’s no incentive (to me) to open and read it.

And the Ghostbusters doorhanger feels like some totally ridiculous afterthought…it’s something to be sent to comic shops and given away with Comic Shop News or such…not something hyped as part of something like this box.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hit 30 this year–a significant anniversary, and quite a large part of geek/pop culture…but there’s not even a sticker or postcard/”print” for them. Granted, there was some TMNT stuff in a crate earlier this year before I’d signed up, but they could’ve tossed SOMEthing TMNT-related in here.

I initially thought the Simpsons wallet was some sort of weird mini-poster or booklet before getting it open and pulling the coupons and such. I can’t really see using the thing, so that’s another rather “useless” item for me.

Considering things…I was honestly hoping the Pop would be some sort of Ghostbusters figure, given the Batman comic book hits that character. I’m not a fan of t-shirts but a Guardians shirt would be more useful than socks, or perhaps a mystery mini.

This month’s crate was promoted as being the biggest yet, but it seems the worst yet for me, and the least interesting.

I suppose I’ll wait and see what the January “theme” is and if it has any hint of truly being something I’d want to partake in…or I might skip the month, maybe try one of the other geek subscription boxes. Or just save my money.

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