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First New Star Wars 3.75" Figures in Years

Back in December, I finally got around to watching the whole of The Mandalorian. Disney had even saved my spot where I’d left off–apparently I’d really only watched the first episode…though I’d thought I had watched 2 or 3. It just hadn’t grabbed me, back in 2019.

With some family health stuff going on, I ended up watching 15 episodes in a weekend–and it REALLY re-sparked my interesting/enjoyment of Star Wars.


So I–as fairly usual for me–had to get something tangible or "trophy-ish" for the show, and wound up getting a Vintage Collection The Mandalorian Din Djarin and Vintage Collection The Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett.

And I think it’s been 20-21 years since buying multiple Star Wars 3.75" figures.

I really only have one large such purchase in my past: way back in probably Summer 2000, one payday a friend and I discovered a bunch of Phantom Menace and such figures and others cashing in on the film at the time on clearance at the local Toys R Us and wound up filling a shopping cart between the two of us.

These definitely look to be a step up from those, but made all the cooler because I hardly knew who Boba Fett was at the time and in the years since have come to appreciate the character and his coolness. I also remember when The Mandalorian was announced, I assumed it was gonna be some show about Fett; when it wasn’t, I think I just wasn’t nearly as interested at first.

Now, though…it’s cool just to have Boba Fett (old) and Din Djarin (new)…both Mandalorians and both with really cool looks…and both really cool figures on vintage-style packages!

Hasbro even puts the classic Kenner logo on them to add to the "authenticity" of the things’ appearance, despite it not really being an official/ongoing brand anymore.

Cool as these are, I’m NOT all that interested in diving into the realm of Star Wars toys…I’ve got enough hassle with NECA and their TMNT stuff and the new Masters of the Universe Origins line as well as all the other miscellaneous stuff I get.

Dabbler in much, master of few….or something like that. I guess.


A Year of DC 3.75"/4" from Spinmaster

Last year, I started seeing some new DC action figures from Spinmaster. (Also from McFarlane Toys). The Spinmaster figures are smaller–3.75" or 4" scale, I’m not actually certain which…but considerably smaller than 6"/7" figures like the DC Multiverse or Marvel Legends figures.

Due to increasingly limited shelf-space…and already having a shelf jam-packed with loose Superman figures–I didn’t immediately open the Superman that I got. And then I chased down a black suit, bearded variant. And then over the past year, I’ve occasionally snagged another figure as my eye’s been caught.


Having the "actual" Superman (Rebirth-era without the trunks) I’m not bothered by other variants. I’m actually hoping for a version WITH the trunks! I’m not overly-keen on Lex Luthor, but liked the appearance with the packaging and actually having the "logo" for his name. The "tech" Superman or whatever reminded me of the Cyborg Superman, so while obviously not that, I snagged it. Captain Marvel, Flash, and Aquaman were cool. After the Mattel 3.75 Infinite Heroes Wonder Woman standing out in my mind as one of those figures that would not stand on its own, I only got her figure to go with Superman and (separately) Batman.

But it’s been more than clear to me that Spinmaster‘s (and DC‘s!) HEART lies with BATMAN. Soooo many more figures, where the general DC ones seem–by comparison–to be token action figure presence to claim presence, perhaps to maintain a license or some such? Stuff over MY pay grade.


Robin (Tim Drake) is one of my favorite comic characters, and over the last few years I’ve wound up with quite a collection of Robin figures and such.I like to think that these variant Robins are intended to be the various characters–Tim, Damian, and Jason, at least.

I finally caved recently-ish and snagged the most NORMAL-LOOKING/most-comics-accurate-looking-to-me Batman. Nightwing and Catwoman for obvious ties to Bat-stuff.

And an apparently armored Batman putting me in mind of Dark Knight Returns, but perhaps intended more as Batman v. Superman. Whatever. It’s bulky and cool.

Then there were some of the big, bulky villains! Killer Croc, Bronze Tiger, King Shark, and Man-Bat.

Somewhere along the way, spotted Talon and figured for this line, and being (relatively-speaking) pretty cheap (1/3 to 1/2 the price of the larger Multiverse scale figures), I’d rather have more characters, so grabbed it. Same for Killer Moth. I even grudgingly bought Batwoman figuring she’d go well with a grouping of Detective Comics: Rebirth characters at least.

And that golden Joker…happened across that and initially figured I’d get it as "trade bait," but have since more or less settled on keeping it for the heckuvit, at least for now. There’s another Joker variant that I may keep an eye out for as well. Despite this, I still think it’s rather stupid to have limited chase variants in action figures; but all the more when they’re functionally UNPAINTED figures merely done in some alternate color plastic!

But as said…with this scale and the possibility quantity-wise, I’m more ok with stuff than I’d be if these were DC Multiverse or such.

And these are just "basic figures," without getting into any of the multi-packs and such that have even more recently caught my eye.

I see plenty of activity in a toy group I’m in on Facebook about the Multiverse figures…but I feel like I don’t/haven’t seen much of anything for this line.

Fine by me–if the only figure(s) being "chased" for this line ARE the solid-color-unpainted variants, that leaves more of the actual figures for me to be able to get without dealing with…shall we say…"resellers."


Star Trek toys at WalMart

Well-stocked pegs of Star Trek Galaxy Collection toys at the local WalMart.

Well-stocked pegs of Star Trek Galaxy Collection toys at the local WalMart.

Since I was driving by, I decided to stop by the local Walmart tonight on the offchance that they might have re-stocked some of their toys, as the DC Infinite Heroes & Marvel Universe/Fury Files/S.H.I.E.L.D. pegs have been woefully empty the last few Sundays that I’ve been to the store (perhaps they stock mid-week and all the good stuff’s gone after the weekend shoppers get through?)

Well, the DC and Marvel toys were–as usual–quite the endangered species in this particular toy aisle.

On the other hand, the Star Trek toys–particularly the Galaxy Collection line–were VERY well stocked. Multiples of each figure in the line, and priced fifty-cents below the Toys ‘R’ Us asking cost (and fifty cents below the asking cost of the DC Infinite Heroes singles, and a whopping $1.97 below the asking cost of the Marvel 3.75″ lines).

Shame the DC Infinite Heroes line has never been this well-stocked ANYwhere that *I* have been…

Star Trek: the Galaxy Collection

I’ve been a Star Trek fan since around the time Star Trek: Generations came out.

I’ve been aware of Star Trek and its characters even longer…I’m not even sure exactly when I did become aware of them. However, up to this point, I’ve never had any of the toys (These were something I didn’t feel like passing up).

Now, somehow along the way as far as the “original crew” goes, Spock has been my favorite character. Even before coming across these at the store, I’d decided that IF I was going to get any, Spock would be one that I’d get…and “Old Spock” at that–Leonard Nimoy’s Spock. At the same time…can’t have Star Trek without Kirk, so snagged him along with Original Spock (leaving Scotty and Cadet McCoy on the shelf for now).

As far as these Star Trek toys go, I’m not all that impressed with the packaging. For one thing, visually, the package is like a big, darkish capsule. The actual figure contained within is buried too deeply inside, and there’s no real distinguishing visual between figures’ packages. (Whereas with other lines, there might be pictures of the individual character contained in the package such that you could look at the package and not even see the figure to know which character it is).

I was also really disappointed at how HARD it was to get these out of their packaging. It took me nearly a half hour just to get the two figures out of their packages. Each was imprisoned with multiple extremely-tightly-wound twistie-ties that actually hurt in trying to get undone. Each also came with accessories bound into the packaging with the same type of ties. Once I had them out, though, these don’t look all that bad, for what they are. I’m not terribly impressed with the sculpts–Original Spock RESEMBLES Nimoy, but I have to wonder if that resemblance is in part my KNOWING it’s supposed to, as opposed to it being such that one who didn’t know the actor would catch it.

I’m not actually sure who the actor is offhand playing Kirk, but I assume a similar bit on the visual here. There’s more leeway to me, though as I’m not nearly as familiar with “young Kirk” as I am the older Shatner version from the movies (as opposed to the 1960s tv show). Each figure comes with “unique acessories.” Kirk comes with a phaser, a utility belt (with an attached comm device?) and holster for the phaser. He also comes with a chair and a piece of the Bridge. Original Spock comes with interchangeable hands–the Vulcan salute and a regular hand; he also comes with a piece of the Bridge. Both come with small bases–quite a blessing, as many of the 3.75″ figures I’ve dealt with lately seem to have a hard time standing up on their own. Spock’s base makes sense; the one that came with Kirk does not: it’s a clip, and while there’s a peg to attach the foot, it will not hold him upright as a freestanding entity. I don’t know about you all, but I don’t have random shelves with slots to clip figure-bases into.

For what I saw of these, it looks like there are about a dozen figures in the line so far. (Others I noticed included Scotty, Cadet McCoy, Spock (new), and Pike. The back of the figure packaging shows Sulu, Uhura, Cadet Chekov, and Nero as well.

Looks like there’s also an Enterpirse that lights up and has some audio (lines from the film). There’s a Bridge playset that comes with a playmat/floorplan of the full bridge. The playset only comes with a couple of the major elements otherwise. (You’re expected to collect all the other individual figures to get the pieces to fill out the FULL Bridge playset). There’s also a playset for the Transporter Room…same deal, with the set coming with the basics, but you’re expected to collect figures to snag the pieces to fill it out. However, the Bridge and Transporter Room playsets do come with a figure included (I believe Kirk with the Bridge and Scotty with the Transporter Room), which offsets the cost just a bit (if you factor in the cost of the figure by itself).

All in all, not a bad set of figures/accessories–but it’s gonna take a lot more to REALLY impress me. By that, I mean expansion of available figures…perhaps some sub-sets/lines, like for the other movies, or simply for the Next Generation grouping of characters. I might win up picking up a few of the other figures at some point down the road.

…But with a bit of interest in a GI Joe set, trying to find a Hellboy figure, a slight bit of interest in the Terminator: Salvation figures, and trying to find a number of favorite DC characters…this Star Trek line has some definite competition for attention.

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