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New figures…de-packaged!

While I have a fair number of action figures sitting around in their packages…it’s not for value. I’m not planning on trying to re-sell them, I’m not trying to keep them (their packages/packaging) in “mint condition.”  No, my action figures tend to remain in their packaging because it can be a battle just to remove the figures FROM said packaging.  I’ve had to go at ’em with a knife, scissors, and quite a bit of patience in order to achieve successful extraction.

Following up my Sunday evening post about the Iron Man 2 toys and finding Thor at Walmart, here are Cap/Thor/Iron Man as promised, followed by War Machine, Thor, and Iron Man (my newest acquisitions).

Iron Man 2, War Machine, and contemporary Thor

I walked into a Walmart this afternoon planning to get the week’s groceries.  Unfortunately, they had no carts, and rather than go back out to the parking lot to get one, I decided to take a quick look at the toys, and head out.

Now, while the Marvel Universe/Fury Files 3.75″ line of action figures has been out for quite awhile, those usually only get 3-4 pegs in a single column, and they rarely have more than 2-3 figures per peg. However, the Iron Man 2 figures recently came out, and have a whole huge section–primarily 3.75″ figures as well as other related miscellany.

Unfortunately, there’s not really a whole lot for me in this series: I don’t care about having a whole bunch of different versions of Iron Man (even if it is a progression of the armors from the first version in the 2008 film to whatever we’re likely to see in the upcoming 2010 film), and I’ve never cared for the Iron Monger, nor am I all that familiar with Crimson Dynamo.

However, like last year’s Wolverine 3.75″ line, there is a sub-set of Comic-based figures. Though I took the above photo at Walmart, it was at Target that I bought the War Machine comic-based figure, as well as a Target-exclusive light-up Iron Man (mark VI armor) figure (Target has these on sale this week).

After looking at the Iron Man 2 figures, I turned around, and spotted a Luke Cage figure for the Marvel Universe line…and right below, Thor.  I’d seen the Secret Wars 2-pack of Thor and (Klaw, I think?) starting a few weeks ago…but the 2-pack was just the “classic” Thor. I saw photos from Toyfair that suggested a “contemporary” Thor was due out, so passed on the 2-pack to wait for the Thor I’d prefer. Went ahead and bought the figure–been waiting for a Thor to go with my Captain America and Iron Man.

I’ll probably post a Cap/Thor/Iron Man pic later this week.

and FINALLY…the Hulk.

Just in time for a certain new movie due out, This scene can appear on my shelf:

3.75"-scale Hulk vs. Wolverine
3.75″-scale Hulk vs. Wolverine

Star Trek toys at WalMart

Well-stocked pegs of Star Trek Galaxy Collection toys at the local WalMart.

Well-stocked pegs of Star Trek Galaxy Collection toys at the local WalMart.

Since I was driving by, I decided to stop by the local Walmart tonight on the offchance that they might have re-stocked some of their toys, as the DC Infinite Heroes & Marvel Universe/Fury Files/S.H.I.E.L.D. pegs have been woefully empty the last few Sundays that I’ve been to the store (perhaps they stock mid-week and all the good stuff’s gone after the weekend shoppers get through?)

Well, the DC and Marvel toys were–as usual–quite the endangered species in this particular toy aisle.

On the other hand, the Star Trek toys–particularly the Galaxy Collection line–were VERY well stocked. Multiples of each figure in the line, and priced fifty-cents below the Toys ‘R’ Us asking cost (and fifty cents below the asking cost of the DC Infinite Heroes singles, and a whopping $1.97 below the asking cost of the Marvel 3.75″ lines).

Shame the DC Infinite Heroes line has never been this well-stocked ANYwhere that *I* have been…

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