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The Monthly Haul: October 20 to November 17, 2021


Well, ONCE AGAIN, despite the best of intentions, I let a few more weeks slip by!

So, here we are again with me covering multiple weeks in one post. This time out, "only" FIVE weeks, though…a month. October 20 through November 17!

As with my last post catching up on 3 months, I’m just going to leave these as more of a "gallery" than anything else rather than trying to come up with random ‘vamping’ stuff to fill space/remember back across the weeks and all that.

Week of October 20, 2021



Week of October 27, 2021





Week of November 3, 2021



Week of November 10, 2021






Week of November 17, 2021



And with that, we’re allllllmost caught up to "current."

And despite my last few times saying so….barring some catastrophic technology issue, should be covering the CURRENT/most recent week–11/24–in my very next post…on MONDAY!

And from there, will start dropping some posts that I’ve had percolating for months in my mind that are finally getting written…and we’ll see where the next 5-6 weeks take us as far as 2021 goes, before whatever 2022 brings…


The Quarterly Haul: July 21 to October 13, 2021


Well…I VAGUELY recall thinking–way back in July–over THREE MONTHS AGO–that I’d be getting back to posting The Weekly Haul…well…WEEKLY!

But life–and WORK*–got busy and crazy and all that; had a health scare with the Chloe-cat; and then it was just simply overwhelming thinking about catching up. And with some especially busy weeks with work, and TRYING to actually READ (and CATCH UP TO CURRENT from 2019!) on X-Men stuff…I just haven’t really touched this blog.

Then there’s also that frankly…this is a vanity project. It’s in no way "monetized," and about 14 months ago I even started PAYING for a domain and to have WordPress NOT show ads, so not only am I not making money from this blog, it’s COSTING ME money just by its very EXISTENCE.

Whatever…my blog, my schedule, and it’s a benefit of doing my own thing that I’m not causing others issues with my (lack of) schedule and such.

ANYway…here we are, nearly the end of October. And while I’d actually figured I’d cut my losses and just pick back up with current…I never really stopped my weekly routine of at least taking PHOTOS for this blog, it’s just a matter of actually "processing" said photos and then WRITING and formatting actual blog posts using those photos.

So, this post is gonna be VERRRRRRRYYYYYY photo-heavy as I cover THIRTEEN weeks….from July 21st to October 13! However, I AM going to forego the issue-by-issue commentary and "list," and simply present the photos of the weeks’ hauls, divided up by week. And given the time-frame, some may be SLIGHTLY out of order, as these include purchases from both the weekly shop and another I don’t get to every week…I’ve managed to ID a release date by when certain issues came out (according to League of Comic Geeks) and have the photos roughly ordered within each "week."

These Weekly Haul posts are largely for myself, and while I think I managed to cover every week of 2019…2020 had a huge gap from The Shutdowns and such. And I couldn’t quite get myself to "let go" for this year, so…here we are. If you enjoy it, great…if not…well, hopefully I’ve got some other content you’ll enjoy.

On with the hauls!

Week of July 21, 2021



Week of July 28, 2021


Week of August 4, 2021




Week of August 11, 2021  



Week of August 18, 2021





Week of August 25, 2021




Week of September 1, 2021





Week of September 8, 2021



Week of September 15, 2021


Week of September 22, 2021




Week of September 29, 2021





Week of October 6, 2021


Week of October 13, 2021



…and Famous Last Words…but hopefully I’m getting this blog back on track!

IF I get to it, then coming soon: "The" Chris Claremont signing, a HUGE haul of X-books from a Not-at-Comic-Con sale, loads of toys acquisitions, and…whatever else comes to mind to post.

As always…time shall tell!


Masters of the Universe Origins…So Far

On the one hand, I’m not sure exactly when/whatwhy I’ve gotten "into" the Masters of the Universe toys. I’m sure it’s some part nostalgia, some part OCD, and some part…I-Didn’t-Get-This-Stuff-As-A-Kid-So-Let’s-Get-It-Now.

While rather annoying–especially lately–trying to track down anything but He-Man and Skeletor via Walmart or Target WHILE keeping the price point to $15-per–I find these figures to be pretty darned cool.

A couple years ago, I snagged a bunch of the Funko/DC Primal Age figures. I recognized them as being akin to the classic MotU figures…but DC characters. I also snagged several Mortal Kombat figures from their equivilent line from Funko.

Last year I picked up several of the Masters of the WWE figures appreciating the mash-up of Masters of the Universe with WWE figures.

But then I found Skeletor. Had to get him, if only for the heckuvit. But then I had to get He-Man, too, right?

And then…well, might as well get the entire wave…


I was able to get the other figures through Walmart‘s website if I recall correctly; though I’ve since come across instances of the full wave available all at once as well as parts here and there.


I also had to get Battle Cat.


And then when he was available, Panthor because…I couldn’t not…right?


And then I missed the Scareglow and Orko wave apparently, though I still have some slight hope that they’ll get a general mass-market release. BUT I did find this wave at a Target, so snagged it. Some really beat-up cards, but while I have way too many toys still in their packaging…I have some visions of opening all of these and mix ‘n matching them in a display with those Primal Age and such figures!


And then, partly for "completion’s sake," partly for "Well, at least it’s SOMETHING Masters of the Universe Origins that I don’t have yet," I snagged this Prince Adam’s Sky Sled. It’s a bit more "futuristic" than I tend to think of for the setting…but whatever.

I’m a sucker for the branding and packaging, too, so there’s that as well!

These seem to be a great mix of classic-accurate and yet a bit of something mordern to them. Definitely a matter of the packaging REALLY helping to "sell" the figures…almost so I don’t want to take them out of the packaging! But again…I’ve amassed so many in-package things that the basement truly looks like some hole-in-the-wall store…full of comics, graphic novels, toys/collectibles, novels, and so on.

Looking at sites like Entertainment Earth and Big Bad Toy Store, it looks like some of these figures that I’ve already seen photos of people having in-hand (and selling for disgusting prices) are available for "pre-order" for coming months…so perhaps it’s a ripple effect from Walmart apparently having a several-month "window" for the figures in the US?

Time will tell.

So…this is my collection of Masters of the Universe: Originsso far.


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