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On the Comic-Con 2011 sellout

Comic-Con 2011 Four-Day Passes Sell Out in Under 3 Hours | TheHDRoom.

I’ve seen a number of stories about this yesterday and this morning. It continues to affirm my personal feelings of NOT wanting to go to San Diego/Comic Con.

Sure, it’s the pinnacle of conventions for people like me…or at least, it WAS.

SDCC has become SUCH a pop culture event that it seems to me like comics are almost secondary, or some “quaint” holdover from years past.

Plus…while I can handle crowds to a certain degree…I just cannot begin to fathom how it can be fun to have tightly pressed crowds where one would have to basically fight their way through a crowd everywhere they go, spend hours and hours in line, maybe sit through (a) panel(s) one’s not even interested in, just to be able to attend that ONE panel that everyone’s clamoring to get into. And on the convention floor, if there’s no room to be out of the flow of foot-traffic…I’d imagine it’d make it hard to simply stop at random booths to see stuff or even consider buying stuff, without it being some “frenzy” of activity.

When the four-day passes sell out nearly instantly, 5+ MONTHS before the show…there’s obviously a huge demand. It also means–for someone like me, in Ohio–a ridiculous amount of planning and finances would have to go into planning for such a trip.

Coordinating with (a) friend(s) to go, finding overnight accomodations, figuring out how to actually GET there, the cost of the tickets themselves, travel once there, and all that sorta stuff. Things that seem rather daunting, and would take one heckuva firm COMMITMENT¬† from all involved–that many may not have the liberty of planning so far in advance, with every-day practicalities of life.

Further–what if a group IS assembled, committed, and eager to go? And only one person is able to obtain a 4-day pass? Or any of a group is UNable to while several others do? Seems like it’d be a rather rotten thing to get someone interested in going and then they suddenly either can’t go for lack of any admission, or have to go and only have PART of the experience the others in the group would have, due to lack of admission.

Ultimately, it really seems to me that SDCC has outgrown itself, and morphed into something TOO big for someone like me to HONESTLY take seriously when contemplating conventions. Even the New York show has pretty much gone that way. And after the coverage I saw this past year for Chicago, that show doesn’t seem worth attending.

Which leaves me with the Mid-Ohio Comic Con, Heroes Con, or possibly Dragoncon as primary possibilities for “major” attentions to attend.

And frankly…I think I’d RATHER attend one of these “smaller” shows. Most of the fun of attending a major convention–to me–is doing so with friends, and being able to enjoy the experience with friends, while we partake in what the convention has to offer as a whole.

I guess like many things in comics the last few years…

I’m just not the core, target audience anymore.

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