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All-Star Superman #5 [Review]

Quick Rating: Good
Story Title: The Gospel According to Lex Luthor

Clark Kent interviews an imprisoned Lex Luthor…

allstarsuperman005Writer: Grant Morrison
Pencils: Frank Quitely
Digitally Inked & Colored: Jamie Grant
Letters: Phil Balsman
Asst. Editor: Brandon Montclare
Editor: Bob Schreck
Cover Art: Frank Quitely
Publisher: DC Comics

Superman doesn’t show up in this issue. Instead, this is a more character-centric piece looking in on the "All-Star Universe" Lex Luthor, as interviewed by–and interacting with–Clark Kent (who, of course, is actually Superman, but Luthor doesn’t know this.)

Visually, this issue seems–without my having the prior 4 open before me–on-par with those issues. Quitely‘s art seems to capture at once a simplicity often lost to comics, while managing to convey a subtle complexity. That’s not to say this is the most detailed art, nor is it the most simplistic–it’s an interesting blend of both, and for a standalone-continuity incarnation of Superman and the supporting cast, I think it works very nicely.

The story here–Clark Kent interviewing Lex Luthor, encountering The Parasite, and Luthor apparently keeping Kent alive (under his "protection") within the prison)–is, as in previous issues, reminiscent of a silver-age sensibility. However, there’s a complexity going on in Morrison‘s writing that shows those silver-age things in contemporary light. In short, the story can look and feel a bit silver-age, but that’s like a side-effect from a story that is still well-written.

As with the previous issue, this issue includes something between a cameo and a full-blown appearance of an established (in the regular DC Universe) villain, but in a way that isn’t quite the same-old, same-old. The appearance makes good sense given the setting, and provides a bit of impetus in moving the story forward–and perhaps (possibly) setting some stuff up for down the road (especially if we’re to believe Luthor to be quite the smart cookie).

If Superman interests you but you don’t want to get bogged down in years of continuity; or you’re just a fan of Quitely or Morrison, this issue should be a pleaser. The story focus is on the characters, and Superman doesn’t appear in-costume. While disappointing to some, I’m sure…it works for me, given the story.


Story: 3.5/5
Art: 3.5/5
Overall: 3.5/5

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