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Favorites of Walt: The Comic Shops #3 – Fun Stuff Cards & Comics


By Spring 1993, comics were one of those “big” things. Everyone was out for a quick buck, the next great comic that would put their kids through college. Or, being one of those “kids,” it was a time for looking for the next great comic that would be full of awesomeness and be “worth” a lot of money pretty quickly. And of course, with this collectors’ boom…small comic shops were popping up everywhere.

One day when we were driving out to Capp’s Comics, I spotted a sign outside a small house-looking building with the words “Fun Stuff” and a copy of that black-background poster introducing “the Four Supermen” for the Reign of the Supermen story. I don’t recall if we stopped in that day, or another, but eventually stopped in. It was a tiny little shop, like a small house emptied out and turned into a shop.

This shop dealt primarily with new comics, and its main stock of “back issues” were very recent–stuff removed from the “new issues” shelves and put into the back issue boxes. Nothing spectacular about the place–they sold collectible cards as well as comics, and eventually got into the blossoming “collectible card games” market as well.

Probably the most endearing part of this shop was its nearness–it was maybe a 15 minute bicycle ride from home, which made it extremely accessible on my own, without having to get a ride. It was close enough that a couple of times, I actually walked there with a friend. We had nothing else to do–just set out on our journey, and buy a comic.

By 1996 or so, the shop was sold to new management; and by 1997 or so, it closed its doors.

Not long after, the location was bought by some beauty salon, which remains there to this day.

NEXT WEEK: Sports ‘n More.

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  • 52 Week #48 [Review]

    Quick Rating: Very Good
    Story Title: Asked and Answered

    The race to find Kate Kane and rescue her is on!

    52week48Writers: Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid
    Art Breakdowns: Keith Giffen
    Art: Darick Robertson
    Pencils – Origin: Nicola Scott
    Inker – Origin: Doug Hazlewood
    Colors: David Baron, (Origin – Alex Sinclair)
    Letters: Jared K. Fletcher
    Asst. Editor: Harvey Richards
    Assoc. Editor: Jeanine Schaefer
    Editor: Michael Siglain
    Cover Art: J.G. Jones & Alex Sinclair
    Publisher: DC Comics

    This issue opens with several days’ worth of action, in a rather cool way: multiple characters across multiple panels across multiple days, asking one key question to kick the main story into motion. The bulk of the issue centers on Nightwing, Montoya & co. as they seek out Mannheim and Batwoman, to foil the plans of Intergang and their crime bible. There’s a lot of action as we see the characters fighting increasingly-high-level underlings, working their way up to Mannheim himself and a dark ceremony that promises to unleash hell-on-Earth, starting with Gotham City.

    The ending of the fight has a bit of surprise and bucks the norm a bit–a welcome feat in contemporary comics.

    To a degree, there’s little be said about the writing. It’s good. It’s solid. It’s consistent. Same as it’s been. The story flows, and we get to see characters acting in-character and reflecting (particularly in Montoya’s case) growth from the past 11 months.

    The art this week–by Darick Robertson–fit really well. There’s a sort of thick darkness about it that sets the tone without being overly bold nor overly light. No complaints here in that department.

    The origin backup stars the Birds of Prey, and like the other backups, condenses years of history into just a couple pages of the bare-bones basics. Par for the course, really…gave me a clearer vision of the history, and not atrocious to look at so fills its duty; nothing stand-out astonishing or anything, though.

    48 issues in…if you’re not on-board, I doubt I’ll be able to convince you; and if you’ve stuck it out this far even disliking it, you might as well finish.

    I found this to be another solid issue of what’s really come to be a favorite series.


    Story: 4/5
    Art: 4/5
    Overall: 4/5

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