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Uncanny X-Force #5 [Mini-Review]

Full review posted to cxPulp.com

Rating: 3.5/5

Transformers: Infestation #2 [Mini-Review]

Full review posted to cxPulp.com


Rating: 3.5/5

All-Star Superman #2 [Review]

Quick Rating: Good
Title: Superman’s Forbidden Room

Wondering what the punchline is, Lois plays along with Superman’s sudden claim to being Clark Kent, as he takes her for a visit to his Fortress of Solitude.

allstarsuperman002Writer: Grant Morrison
Pencils: Frank Quitely
Digitally Inked & Colored by: Jamie Grant
Letters: Phil Balsman
Asst. Editor: Brandon Montclare
Editor: Bob Schreck
Cover Art: Frank Quitely and Jamie Grant
Publisher: DC Comics

Some time has passed since the end of the previous issue, where we left Superman telling Lois that he had something to tell her. This issue opens with her taking the revelation of Superman and Clark being one-and-the-same in stride. In fact, after spending years trying to prove that fact, and constantly being proven wrong, Lois assumes there’s some punch line she’s not quite getting–that Superman’s playing some trick on her, so she determines to cautiously play along. When he gives her free reign over his fortress except for one specific room, she grows suspicious, and wonders at what other changes Superman’s visit to the sun (last issue) may have had on him.

Quitely‘s art here is top-notch. Certainly a change in style from other interpretations of Superman recently–this is no Jim Lee, Dan Jurgens, or John Byrne art. This Superman is not all rippling/bulging muscles, nor is he some scrawny guy in a costume. He’s just a normal, average-looking man in a costume with super-powers. For lack of better phrasing, I’d describe it as a "simpler" tone. The art is focused on serving the story, conveying the visual imagery to go along with the story, rather than trying to be so detailed as to speak for the text. The only sequence that I’d take issue with is a rather graphic–"PG-13" level, perhaps–sequence as Lois reflects on things as she showers and changes.

Morrison again leaves us with a quality Superman story that combines a bit of the "silver age" feel of the characters with contemporary sensibilities. The new key to the Fortress is just one randomly amusing part to the issue. The opening page re-casts the feel of a movie, and the issue’s credits are given in movie style layout, further lending the feel of this being some Superman movie (or at the least, tv show).

While I would not be thrilled with this being the only available ongoing interpretation of Superman, this second issue certainly continues the quality of the first issue, and leaves no doubt that this is truly an "All-Star" book. If you don’t care about–or are actively avoiding–Infinite Crisis; if you have never read Superman before this series; if you don’t care about years-deep continuity, and so on…this is certainly the book for you.

This is only the second issue–the first should still be fairly easy to track down. I’d highly recommend checking this series out. You can even get away with just reading this issue without the previous–a subplot carries over, but this issue stands well by itself. Definitely recommended-reading!


Story: 4/5
Art: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

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