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Recent Acquisitions: Older Books

Along with the various “free” comics I picked up on Free Comic Day, I also snagged a couple other bargains: a fresh copy of the Superman Tribute issue from Wizard that came out after The Death of Superman stuff; a hardcover The Trial of Captain America, and most surprising of all (to me) a $5 copy of Solar, Man of the Atom: Alpha and Omega still in the original bag with a poster! (originally cover-priced $10 on initial release back in 1994). The Captain America book was also $5, and the Wizard issue was a mere 25-cents.

FCBDnonfreebooksI’d also found myself that Saturday revisiting eBay, checking on the current pricing of the Ultimates 2 hardcover. I’d snagged the first hardcover in early May last year, paying a bit of an unwelcome “premium” for it including shipping, on the expectation that its price would skyrocket with the Avengers movie as “everyone” would want the darned thing. I wound up getting Ultimates 2 (also out of print like Ultimates) including shipping for well under cover price, giving me the two-volume set I’ve wanted to have for years.

ultimatesHaving managed to track down the Ultimates 2 volume, I turned my attention to tracking down the Ultimate Galactus Trilogy hardcover. I’d first seen it at a Books-A-Million a number of years ago while visiting with a friend, and I passed on a $17 copy several years ago at Kenmore. Managed to get this copy, including shipping for under $14.

ultimategalactusandvaliantmastersI also have meant to get the Valiant Masters hardcover edition of Bloodshot since about the time the book came out last year. I wound up finding both it and the Ninjak volume, and got both–including shipping–for little more than cover price of either of the single volumes.


The weekend prior to Free Comic Book Day, I’d acquired several comics at Comic Heaven from their 50-cents-each/15-for$5 bins.

I picked up a couple issues solely for being “shiny covers,” given my re-fascination with such covers this year. I’d seen the Punisher one years back when it was originally published. The Prophet issue was new to me, and all the more appealing as a “chromium” cover.


Since they had the complete 4-issue set of Metropolis S.C.U. I went ahead and grabbed those. I may actually have bought a pack/set of the 4 a couple years ago…but until I get my collection properly re-sorted and re-catalogued…I don’t like to pass up cheap sets/runs such as this. I’ve been more aware of these Superman tie-ins as they’re the “remnants” I’m missing from a truly complete run of Superman stuff from the “Crisis to Crisis” era of the character.


And mostly just for the heckuvit, I grabbed several #1s, just because I could. The Mighty Magnor I recall from the early 1990s, my early days in comics. I grabbed Supergirl #50 as it’s an issue I’m actually missing, 1 of about 20-some issues to fill in my collection of PAD‘s series.


I snagged these Gambit issues for a friend. Much as I’m all about finding bargains for myself, when I know certain friends are specifically interested in particular issues, I like being able to find stuff for them as well.


The week after Free Comic Book Day, Kenmore had a 26th Anniversary sale, which included bargains on the back-issue bins. I took advantage of some issues that were 90% off marked price and filled in some gaps in my collections.

As they worked out to only 25 cents apiece, I snagged several X-Nation 2099 issues since I was grabbed by the shiny cover of the first issue. No sense leaving the other 4–for this price–sitting there.


As I’ve been picking up all the 1990s’ X-books that I can and into the early 2000s, and for the price, I snagged these. As far as I’ve been able to tell, X-Men Universe is a reprint series that has about 3 issues’ worth of content from the X-Verse of the time under one cover…sort of an anthology title.

90percentoffxmenuniverseThankfully, I keep several lists in my phone of missing issues, and was able to track down some specific Ultraverse issues I’m missing. I have a couple copies of Ultraverse Premiere #0 already, but for this pricing, I lumped it in with everything else. If I ever get around to getting some Ultraverse comics–like Prime–bound, I may cut one up to isolate the Prime pages. Plus, getting such a “premium” issue from back in the early 90s at such a price…just something rather satisfying about it.

90percentoffmissingultraverseThese Sludge issues just about wrap up my complete run of the series. I’d had a copy of Red X-Mas, but in rather poor condition…this one will be a fine replacement copy.

90percentoffmissingsludgeThe Night Man run is just about complete now, too…I think I’m missing one or two other issues from having the full run there.

90percentoffmissingnightmanAnd while it was a week before I’d finally get back into X and the Comics’ Greatest World stuff, I snagged this “platinum edition” of the preview book from Advance Comics, because hey….50 cents, and it may actually be my first-ever “platinum edition” of anything.

90percentoffcomicsgreatestworldplatinumAnd completely blowing the budget this month, I took advantage of the Comixology 99-cent sales for Quantum & Woody and Star Trek as well as a bunch of other free digital comics. My tablet presently holds about 1.5 to 2 longboxes’ worth of comics, meaning that when in doubt, I have but to grab the tablet to know I have PLENTY of available reading material handy.

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